10 Best Farms To Make In Minecraft

Players should make many important farms for survival and ease of gameplay in Minecraft. The art behind constructing a virtual world can be overwhelming when the player doesn’t know where to start. After collecting enough resources and finding the correct biome, creating an automatic farm is worthwhile to stress less about where the resources are coming from. For example, saving time on grinding helps players avoid small mistakes that could ultimately take the player’s life before reaching a part of the endgame.

Farms have always been and will always play a significant role in Minecraft gameplay. Even with recommendations to make some over others, consider making as many as possible. Regardless, the best crops of Minecraft should also be prioritized to create food and potions for longer expeditions. Stronger built-up biomes give the player more options in what to do in this sandbox of an open world.

10 Chicken Farm

Minecraft Chickens Passive Mobs

Chicken Farms in Minecraft bring a lot of resources for players interested in building up their base. They are easy to kill and provide food, feathers, and eggs, which help with gaining health and trade. This farm typically introduces players to the simple breeding mechanics of livestock in Minecraft. Therefore, it is usually a beginner-level machine using easy-to-obtain resources to build it. A basic build by JC Playz on Youtube teaches players how to use a Hopper and Lava Block to cook chickens automatically.

9 Honey or Bee Farm

Automatic Bee and Honey Farm in Minecraft

There are two main reasons a player would want to make a Honey or Bee Farm in Minecraft. The first is obviously to farm Honey, which can be used to make sugar. These Honey bottles also are used as an anti-poison potion, making them very beneficial to the player. The second reason would be harvesting Honeycomb, which can be used to make Honeycomb blocks, wax, and candles. To make an automated Honey Farm in Minecraft, players should first make sure they have a biome that can provide the players with Bees.

8 Magma Farm

Items produced by a Magma Farm in Minecraft

Magma Farms in Minecraft have many uses, such as decoration, light production, base building, and potion making. These blocks naturally appear in the Nether, and obtaining them in bulk is recommended. Aside from their decorative properties, Magma Blocks are used for defensive measures against monsters that lurk around one’s base. Magma Cream, a byproduct of an automatic Magma Farm, can also be used for Fire Resistance Potions, which saves players’ health bars in sticky situations. Shulkercraft on Youtube shows how to make an efficient Magma Farm that produces around 3700 units of Magma Cream and 920 Magma Blocks per hour.

7 Fish Farm

Easy Automatic Fish Farm in Minecraft

Fish Farms in Minecraft help players gain experience quickly on top of becoming another unlimited food source. Now on top of using different enchantments on Fishing Rods in Minecraft, players have guaranteed ways of luring the fish to them. The types of fish in Minecraft are Salmon, Cod, Pufferfish, and Tropical Fish. These types of fish all give the player experience, but depending on what particular type it is, will have different items the player can receive.

6 Creeper Farm

Three creepers from Minecraft grouped together

If a player wants a better way to obtain Gunpowder in Minecraft, consider making a Creeper Farm. These farms automatically kill the Creepers captured in them so that the player does not need to risk dying to them. However, note that these farms take time and planning, so players should be patient when attempting to build a Creeper farm.

5 Enderman Farm

A pair of Endermen seen on a beach in Minecraft.

For mid-to-late game experienced players, Endermen Farms are important. In Minecraft, a single Enderman produces large amounts of XP, making it one of the best resources for leveling. Additionally, killing Endermen is a way to get Ender Pearls in Minecraft to help with teleportation and interdimensional travel to the End. Shulkercraft compares five different Enderman Farm designs, which players should research before building their own.

4 Wool Farm

Easy Sheep Farms provide Wool for a Minecraft player

There are many reasons a player would want to own a Wool Farm in Minecraft. Wool plays a big part in the gameplay, from crafting living room furniture to lighting fuel to a fire. To create a Wool Farm, lure the Sheep into an enclosed area over Grass blocks. By putting a Shear into the machine, the Sheep will yied Wool as long as they eat Grass. By dying the Sheep’s initial Wool color, a player can have an unlimited supply of up to every color of the rainbow of Wool from a machine!

3 Slime Farm

A Slime Farm in use in Minecraft

A Slime Farm in Minecraft is useful since finding Slimes generally takes specific parameters. In the overworld, players need to scavenge Swamps to search for one. Underground players can locate Slimes using what YouTuber Eyecraftmc calls “Slime Chunks.” He creates a useful structure for farming Slimeballs which are helpful for many reasons. Slime should be farmed for:

  • Creating Slimeblocks
  • Creating Fire-Resistance Potions
  • Making Sticky Pistons
  • Making Magma Creams

2 Goat Horn Farm

A very interesting and fun farm to make comes from farming Goats to supply the player with Goat Horns in Minecraft. Instead of potentially risking the player’s health by being rammed by one, farm them in an automated machine to harvest their horns. There are around 8-types of Goat Horns, with plenty of collecting to do, and they all make different sounds and music for the player. They are one of the more recent farms to make as of 2022 and are also used for farming Goat Milk. Goat Milk is like the item Cow’s Milk, except it can be used to heal status conditions as well.

1 Tree or Wood Farm

Simple Tree Farm in Minecraft

Tree or Wood Farms speed up a beginner’s base creation. Once the player has access to an automated Wood Farm, they can expand their resources further with other types of structures. Wood is the basic and most useful material in Minecraft, and creating a farm can be a more renewable option for harvesting individual Trees. Many players have useful ways of making one, but OinkOink recommends a specific simple structure that creates 7000+ Wood Blocks per hour in Minecraft

Source: YouTube/JC_Playz, YouTube/Eyecraftmc, YouTube/OinkOink

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