10 Best Minecraft Seeds For Cherry Blossom

Seeds are used in Minecraft to generate worlds that players have found with some of the best environments or resources, with many being found with the 1.20 update that includes the new Cherry Blossom biome. A beautiful new region added to the game’s sandbox, Cherry Blossom areas are filled with pink-petaled trees perfect for those looking to build a scenic home. Also known as the Cherry Grove, players can ensure this biome shows up with the right Seed.

When trying to use a seed, players need to go to the “More Options” section when creating a new world after getting a code. Every Seed has a code, usually a long string of numbers, that must be input into the “Seed” bar without any mistakes to correctly create the world players want to make. Players looking to find the best seeds for villages, landscapes, or resources might need help finding a Seed that includes everything and should settle for whatever works best for them. Some of the Seeds featured below have been handpicked by Youtube creator Minecraft & Chill.

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10 Small Cherry Forest

Minecraft Small Cherry Forest Seed Image

  • Seed:

This Seed spawns players in a crater surrounded by icy mountains, with a Cherry Blossom forest right in the heart of the area. Filled with a good amount of small caves to help players get off to a good start when collecting materials, the Blossoms are a bright spot in an otherwise cold location.

Secluded from other locations, players have everything they need to live comfortably here before moving past the mountains to explore more of this Minecraft world.

Seeds used to generate worlds are sometimes different between the Bedrock and Java editions of the game, which may have small variations that affect the player’s experience.

9 Cherry Blossom Island

Minecraft Cherry Blossom Island Seed

  • Seed:

Survival Islands are often popular seeds, giving players more of a challenge by providing fewer resources than in a normal world. The Cherry Blossom island found with this seed does exactly that with the flavor of the new 1.20 biome, featuring a small grove near the peak of an inclining hill.

While not all players may be up to the hardships that come from Survival mode here, those looking to ramp up the difficulty in Minecraft could have a blast in this world.

8 Frozen Lake of Cherries

Minecraft Frozen Lake of Cherries Seed

  • Seed:

Equal amounts of Cherry Groves and Ice Spike mountains give a harsh but gorgeous contrast to this seed, putting players right next to clashing biomes overtop a frozen lake. The combination of pink trees and blue spires of ice makes for an exciting location.

With cave entrances dotting the walls of the lake, players have plenty of places to explore in the search for underground materials like Diamonds in Minecraft.

7 Cherry Blossom Mountain Crater

Minecraft Cherry Blossom Mountain Crater Seed

  • Seed:

Craters are unique areas in Minecraft where players have access to materials that usually reside deep under the earth, making this Cherry Blossom Mountain Crater seed a fantastic world to start in. Some of the mobs introduced in recent updates, Bees, love to hang around Blossom grove.

Players looking to harvest some honey or take care of a large group of these insects have a great chance to do so in this seed’s deep, low-to-the-ground regions.

6 Icy Blossom Gorge

Minecraft Icy Blossom Gorge Seed

  • Seed:

It seems that the Cherry Blossom biome and any snow environment go hand in hand, creating another beautiful landscape of pink and white. What makes this seed special is the enormous Gorge found near where players spawn.

Not only can players delve deep into the caverns of this Gorge to find raw materials, but they can also try to find Strongholds or Ancient Cities deep down before returning to their home on the surface around the Blossoms.

5 Lake & Village Blossom Valley

Minecraft Lake & Village Blossom Valley Seed

  • Seed:

Players that use this seed spawn right on top of a Cherry Grove, this time with a lake and small village very close by. The water source diverts into rivers, forming sweeping meadows filled with Cherry Blossom trees for players to harvest for their unique Wood type. The village immediately allows players to find villagers to trade with in Minecraft, as well as different treasures and crops to collect to help start their new home in this area.

4 Meadow of Love

Minecraft Meadow of Love Cherry Blossom Seed

  • Seed:

From an overhead view, this seed shows a massive heart-shaped valley circled by Cherry Groves, making for one of the most beautiful examples of the new biome seen yet. Found at coordinates (-625, 110, -173), players can build a home either down below in the low parts of the land or along the edges of the region among the Cherry trees. No matter what players decide to do, the amazing quality of this rare formation makes this a stand-out seed in Minecraft.

3 Cherry Cliffs

Minecraft Cherry Cliffs Seed

  • Seed:

Similar to the seed putting players next to a lake, this Cherry Blossom world in Minecraft takes that concept to the next level, placing players near a huge body of water from spawn. Featuring two large streams of lava falling into the lake alongside icy mountains, players could spend their entire game just adventuring around the perimeter of this region.

Plenty of caves can be seen as indents on the sheer cliff seen around here, inviting players inside for a harrowing journey underground.

2 Chain of Cherry Blossoms

Minecraft Chain of Cherry Blossoms World Seed

  • Seed:

This seed features the longest stretch of Cherry Groves out of all the seeds listed. Wrapping around a valley on top of a series of hills that players can climb up toward, the trees here form an expanse of pink that dominates the world right from spawn.

A village, several meadows, and other forests also help make this world diverse, giving players options to collect types of Minecraft‘s different wood introduced in the 1.20 update.

1 Village at the Heart of Cherries

Minecraft Village at the Heart of Cherry Blossoms Seed

  • Seed:

Within a village home, players spawn into a community enveloped by stunning Cherry trees, forming an extremely large forest that stretches as far as the eye can see. The perfect place to start, combined with nothing but Cherry Groves, gives players everything they could need to start an adventure here. This is the best seed for Cherry Blossoms in Minecraft, as players will have no trouble getting off to the perfect start in a new world here.

Source: YouTube/Minecraft & Chill

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