10 Inspiring Photos Of Cleo Before Reality TV Fame

Cleo from 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days is interesting and inspirational, and her Instagram pictures show that. The 32-year-old model recently debuted in season 6 alongside her lover, Christian. She instantly became a hit among viewers for her storyline, autism, and transgender journey. Cleo found 30-year-old Christian on Instagram, and they became friends. One thing led to another, and the two fell in love. They began dating online, and four months later, Cleo and Christian decided to meet in person. They wanted to take their relationship to the next level.

While Cleo’s reality TV journey has just begun, she’s already had an inspiring life. She was assigned a male at birth. However, she rediscovered herself while growing up. and began identifying as a transgender woman. Cleo faced many challenges in her early life, including lack of confidence, and lived with mental health issues. However, she eventually overcame those problems, and showed the world that anything’s possible. The English native has been an autistic person all her life. Fortunately, she’s comfortable with who she is.

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10 Cleo Gets Belly Button Piercing

It can be hard for autistic people to fit in. and really spread their wings. However, Cleo has managed to do that by showcasing who she is, and following her heart. In 2017, Cleo posted a photo of herself in a cute black outfit, and wrote a poem in the caption. She talked about her struggles and stress, and then discussed her everyday habits and fashion sense. Cleo then shared her desire to inspire, and revealed that she’d get her belly button pierced again soon.

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9 Cleo Attends Graduation In Black Heels

90 Day Fiancé- 10 Inspiring Pics Of Cleo Before Reality TV Fame

Cleo considers herself a great woman, and a keeper of promises. In 2017, she graduated, and posted photos of her special day online. Cleo wrote, “Good girls keep their promises,” implying that she has accomplished what she set out to achieve. Cleo looked stunning on her graduation day, and wore a gorgeous outfit that highlighted her femininity. Her attire for the day included a beautiful blue-gray dress with black heels. Additionally, she sported the iconic square academic cap, and matching black gown. Cleo used the hashtag, “#mama” to imply that she’d fulfilled her promise to her mom.

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8 Cleo’s Anime Girl Era

Cleo’s cool personality stems from her love for Anime. She has a highlight reel dedicated to her hobby, and greatly loves Japanese animation. Additionally, she loves taking inspiration from Anime, which has impacted her style and fashion sense over the years. In 2017, Cleo posted a cute selfie from Starbucks, showing her, “#animegirl” persona. She wore a cozy beanie alongside a comfortable gray sweater and top. She modeled her hair like Sasuke Uchiha from the iconic franchise, Naruto. Cleo praised her knitwear style in the post, and didn’t wear much makeup.

7 Cleo Shares “Fairytale” Photoshoot

90 Day Fiancé- 10 Inspiring Photos Of Cleo Before - TV Fame

Cleo has a colorful personality, so it’s understandable that she often experiments with her wardrobe. In 2022, she posted a modeling photoshoot on Instagram, embracing a feminine and angelic persona. She wrote, “Living in a fairy tale,” while showing joy over being able to express herself as she sees fit. The pictures showed Cleo sporting an old lavender thigh-length dress, in addition to a comfy black jacket. She wore a cute brunette hairstyle with blonde highlights. Cleo accessorized her fairy getup with bright green earrings and a leather handbag.

6 Cleo Looks Confident in All-Black Outfit

Cleo‘s sported some bold looks in the past that have earned her a lot of likes and comments. In June 2023, the model posted a photo album of herself sporting a modern outfit that showcased her gorgeous figure. Her getup included a cute black top with one shoulder, and skimpy shorts highlighting her toned legs. She wore matching heels that added to her overall look. Cleo used her photoshoot to inspire her followers to love life and be grateful for it. She wrote, “Universe is lit and Ya’ll rock.”

5 Cleo Attends Comic-Con In Cosplay Costume

Cleo adores Anime and Manga, as evident from her posts. Therefore, it’s no surprise that she also loves to cosplay, considering that she’s a model and artist. In May 2023, she dressed to impress, and unveiled her outfit for the Comicon. She posted an online video and used it to announce that she’d be at the event. In the video, Cleo wore a cute green schoolgirl dress alongside a golden headband with an emerald. She also sported white gloves with a giant pink bow. The London resident cosplayed Sailor Jupiter from the superhero Anime Sailor Moon.

4 Cleo Calls Herself A Seaside Girl

90 Day Fiancé- 10 Inspiring Photos Of Cleo Before Reality TV Fame

While Cleo’s hometown of London isn’t known for being a tropical paradise, she still calls herself a “seaside girl.” The 90 Day Fiancé franchise star posted a cute photo of herself in 2020 while traveling to Rome, Italy. In the picture, she stood beside a beautiful beach wearing a black crop top and beige-colored shorts. Cleo used the post to tell her followers she is always a seaside girl and loves hanging out in tropical locations. She glowed in the photo as she stood under the sunlight with her hair open.

3 Cleo Walks Runway In Style

Cleo is a fashion enthusiast and a model. She has posted many photos and videos of herself walking the runway. In June 2023, she posted a clip from a modeling event showcasing her minimal style to her followers. She wore glamorous copper-colored pants and a fashionable tube top showcasing her skin and body. She sported cute heels, long see-through gloves, and minimal makeup that complimented her attire. Cleo’s fashion walk as a transgender model is one of the most inspirational moments she has posted on social media.

2 Cleo Jokes About Being On Selling Sunset

The Selling Sunset Season 5 women wearing fashionable outfits

In early 2023, she posted the photoshoot she did for the stock content website Getty Images, wearing a formal dress that made her look like a real estate agent. She wrote, “Coming up on Selling Sunset,” joking about being on the popular Netflix show. The 90 Day Fiancé franchise star felt good to be part of such an interesting project and was more pleased about making new friends. Her excitement showed that she’s a people person and very compassionate.

1 Cleo Shows Her Love For Vintage Clothing

Cleo is a fashionista, evident from the variety of outfits she has sported in her Instagram posts. She loves all types of dresses and even experiments with modern and classic styles. In May 2023, she posted a cute photo of herself showing her love for old-timey vintage fashion. Cleo wore a cute brown skirt and jacket and paired it with a black top and matching socks. She also wore pointy leather boots that perfectly fit the Victorian-era vibe. The 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days cast member used her post to discuss how she styled the outfit after a 60s anime girl character.

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