90 Day Fiancé Star Angela Deem Posts Cryptic IG Video About Emotions

Angela Deem from 90 Day Fiancé is being cryptic in her latest Instagram post where she talks about being her most real and authentic self. The reality TV star had made shocking appearances on The Maury Show and Trisha with her daughter Scottie before heading to tell her own story on 90DF. Angela went to Nigeria to meet her younger boyfriend Michael Ilesanmi for the first time in the 2018 spin-off. Years later, Angela is married to Michael. But Michael is yet to come to America to start living a life together with his wife. Angela and Michael’s relationship has been mostly rough with her trying to make things happen her way.

Due to her bossy nature on 90 Day Fiancé, Angela continues to be criticized by viewers on the internet. It is also on Angela’s Instagram that these critics try to tell her how she is often wrong in so many ways. But Angela is trying to tell her haters that there’s nothing about her that she’d want to change. “I don’t fake my lifestyle for anybody,” read the text in her new video post. “I have good days and bad days,” the caption said.

I have broke days and paid days, up days and down days,” it continued. And in the end, after sharing the quote that ended with, “But EVERYDAY I keep going,” Angela recorded herself agreeing to the statement.

90 Day Fiancé Fans Praise Angela For Her Honesty

Angela Deem 90 Day Fiancé

Angela held the camera close to her face. “This is true,” she said. “Because real is real. I mean we all have bad days, we all have good days. And we all have bills,” Angela declared. She was unclear about why she had decided to share this particular quote. Angela did not explain if it was meant for someone. She looked emotional in the video she recorded. But this helped Angela win the support of her followers on Instagram. “Truth! No one knows what goes on behind closed doors! I personally think you a genuine person,” one fan commented. “You are too strong to be broken,” someone else posted.

Angela has been getting severely mocked on Instagram lately. It’s often got to do with Angela’s posts in which she’s seen with other men. She enraged viewers by posing with an unknown man who was supposed to be her bodyguard. In the picture, the man wrapped his arms around Angela in a loving embrace. In a different video, Angela mentioned she was “taken” but instead of featuring Michael, another mystery man was in several photos with Angela which she added in a slideshow. Angela however, confirmed she’s still with Michael in a different update.

It may have been the result of fans believing that Angela was no longer together with Michael because of what she herself was posting. Angela has also not been sparing those who chide her in her Instagram comments section. She takes screenshots of their profile pictures and attempts to publicly shame them. Angela’s social media strategy is by far the strangest among other 90 Day Fiancé fans. And when she’s not posting videos and selfies with several layers of filters on, Angela deliberately confuses her fans with her cryptic updates.

Source: Angela Deem/Instagram