A Gripping Sequel That Packs A Punch

“The Wrath of Becky” roars onto the screen, serving as a thrilling sequel to the 2020 sensation “Becky.” Guided by the dynamic duo of Matt Angel and Suzanne Coote, this adrenaline-charged action thriller propels viewers into an electrifying odyssey where our fierce young protagonist, Becky, confronts a fresh wave of trials. With a stellar ensemble cast and an enthralling narrative, this long-awaited sequel ensures to seize the vision and hold audiences caught, just as its prototype did.

What Is The Release Date Of The Movie?

“The Wrath of Becky” made its thunderous debut at the prestigious South by Southwest film festival on March 11, 2023, mesmerizing audiences. As the anticipation reaches a fever pitch, fans across the United States eagerly await the film’s grand release on May 26, 2023, igniting theatres with explosive action and gripping suspense. 

But that’s not all! Soon, the electrifying sequel will make its way to streaming platforms, ensuring viewers can experience the unyielding power of Becky’s wrath from the comfort of their homes.

Who Is The Cast Member?

  • Lulu Wilson as Becky
  • Seann William Scott as Darryl
  • Denise Burse as Elena
  • Jill Larson as Darryl Sr.
  • Michael Sirow as Anthony

The Crew:

  • Matt Angel as Director
  • Suzanne Coote as Director
  • Jordan Yale Levine as Producer
  • Jordan Beckerman as Producer
  • Russ Posternak as Producer

What Can Happen In The Movie?

In “The Wrath of Becky,” the story picks up three years after Becky’s harrowing escape from a violent attack on her family by four Neo-Nazis. Now 16 years old, Becky and her loyal dog, Diego, have seen relief and a new start with Elena Connor, a kind-hearted older woman who has evolved their surrogate family.

However, their fragile peace is shattered when an evil fascist organization, the “Noble Men,” invades their peaceful haven. The Noble Men, guided by their extremist principles, launch a brutal attack on Becky and Elena, leaving them beaten and broken. Adding to the tragedy, Diego is ruthlessly abducted by these shady assailants.

Determined to protect those she loves and save her loyal friend, Becky must confront the darkness within herself and embrace her past persona. With stubborn resolve, she embarks on a harrowing journey to save Diego and unveil the Noble Men’s ominous political plan, which menaces her safety and the peace of society.

With her innate resourcefulness, intelligence, and fierce determination to overcome all odds, Becky rekindles her fixed survival skills. She becomes a relentless force, using her wits and bodily prowess to outwit and disassemble the Noble Men’s processes. 

Is There Any Trailer Available For The Movie?

The trailer for “The Wrath of Becky” tantalizes with captivating glimpses of Becky’s metamorphosis from a vulnerable young girl seeking sanctuary to a formidable warrior unrelenting in her goal of justice. Every frame crackles with electrifying energy, fueling tension that surges through the veins of viewers, leaving them desperate to witness the unleashed fury within Becky’s core. 

“They thought they could break me, but they awakened the beast within.”


What Do Fans Expect From The Movie?

Fans anticipate adrenaline-fueled action sequences that will keep them on the edge of their seats. They expect thrilling scenes, explosive fights, and high-stakes moments showcasing Becky’s skills and determination. Viewers hope to delve deeper into Becky’s character and witness her emotional journey. 

They expect exposure, inner conflict, and personal maturation that add layers to her complex persona. Fans want to touch with Becky deeper and sympathize with her struggles. They crave shocks and surprises in the plot. They hope for clever plot twists and disclosures that challenge their expectations and keep them guessing. 

They want to be caught off guard and experience the joy of being constantly surprised. Fans expect a gripping narrative mixing action, suspense, and character evolution. They want a story that engages them from start to end, with a well-paced plot that keeps them invested in Becky’s journey and the result of her mission.

Viewers anticipate themes of commission, strength, and the triumph of good over evil. They want the movie to inspire them and leave a lasting impact, reminding them of the power within each individual to stand up against injustice and fight for what is right.


As you immerse yourself in the immersive world of “The Wrath of Becky,” be prepared to embark on an adrenaline-fueled ride of persistent pursuit. Feel the excitement course through your veins as Becky fights tooth and nail, leaving no stone unturned in her quest for triumph. It’s a battle transcending mere entertainment, embodying the eternal struggle between good and evil.

So, fasten your seatbelts and brace yourself for the whirlwind of emotions that await. The movie beckons you to enter her on an incredible journey where justice takes center stage, reminding us all that the light of hope and resilience can prevail in the face of darkness.