DC’s Best Fighter Has One Major Weakness

DCs Best Fighter Has One Major Weakness

Warning! Contains spoilers for Birds of Prey #1! A new Birds of Prey team line-up has finally proved that Harley Quinn can take down DC’s best hand-to-hand fighter. Characters like Lady Shiva and Batman, two of the greatest martial artists to ever live, have both lost to Cassandra Cain, but DC recently revealed that the … Read more

The X-Men’s Deadliest Foes Annihilated The MCU’s First Villains

The X Mens Deadliest Foes Annihilated The MCUs First Villains

Warning: contains spoilers for Ms. Marvel: The First Mutant #1! The X-Men’s deadliest foes just annihilated one of the MCU’s first villains. This year has been one of the worst in X-Men history, as Orchis, the anti-mutant extremist organization, launched an all-out assault on the mutant homeland of Krakoa, devastating Earth’s mutant population. Orchis is … Read more

Peanuts: 10 Funniest Holiday Comics

Peanuts 10 Funniest Holiday Comics

Peanuts has had many iconic holiday moments since its debut in the 1950s. From New Year’s Day to Christmas, all the holidays have been covered by the Peanuts gang. Peanuts has given pop culture a lot of memorable holiday content, such as Halloween’s Great Pumpkin, and the 1965 animated TV special A Charlie Brown Christmas. … Read more

Why Snafu Shelton Takes Gold Teeth Of Soldiers In The Pacific

Why Snafu Shelton Takes Gold Teeth Of Soldiers In The

Summary Snafu Shelton’s character in The Pacific shows a lack of humanity and a cruel nature through his actions, such as taking gold teeth as war trophies. The practice of taking war trophies, including body parts, was common among American soldiers during World War II, despite being banned by the military. Sledge’s horrified reaction to … Read more

Ayurvea Job in Pravaayu healthcare pvt limited – Mumbai

Job Description As a practitioner for an Ayurveda clinic, you will play a pivotal role in providing high-quality Ayurvedic healthcare treatment to patients (coming to the Ayurveda clinic) and ensuring effective outcomes. You will be located at one of the company’s clinics and treating patients. We will be starting with treating patients suffering from Osteoarthritis.   … Read more