Avengers Exposes the True Face of Its Most Powerful Villain

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Avengers Beyond #4 Not long ago, the Avengers revealed the most powerful villain Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have ever faced, a villain whose power dwarfs that of the Beyonders themselves. And now, upon his latest appearance, this villain called the Lost One exposes his true face, revealing that he is “a beautiful god no longer”.

To understand how strong something or someone has to be to make the Beyonders look pathetic, one first has to know exactly what the Beyonders themselves are capable of. The Beyonders are a race of nearly omnipotent beings who exist outside, or “beyond” the multiverse. In the events that lead to 2015’s Secret Wars, the Beyonders turned every version of Molecule Man in every universe into a bomb capable of destroying the universe he existed in, with each explosion triggering a domino effect that would end the multiverse. When their Molecule Men started being murdered to avoid this cosmic destruction, the Beyonders invaded the multiverse and obliterated all who opposed them, including entities who were regarded as being powerful on a cosmic level – yet to the Beyonders, they were nothing. Now, there comes a being whose power is far greater than all the Beyonders combined, as all their power once belonged to him.

The Face of the Beyonders’ Maker is Finally Revealed by the Avengers

Avengers: the Lost One's true face.

In Avengers Beyond #4 by Derek Landy and Greg Land, the Lost One is trapped on Earth by a shield powered by the energy of the Beyonders. The reason this move even works in the first place is that the Lost One hasn’t reached his full power yet, as he’s still draining every Beyonder he can find of their energy to restore his own. So, while trapped on Earth, the Lost One is taking his frustrations out on the Avengers. Despite being way out-classed in terms of power level, the Avengers (more specifically, Captain Marvel), manage to punch his helmet off his head, revealing a lipless, noseless, hollow-eyed face that made the Lost One look more dead than alive – which is probably pretty accurate based on his story arc.

The Lost One is the creator of the Beyonders, meaning every ounce of omnipotent power they possess came from him. Long ago, the Beyonders rose up against the Lost One, and while he initially thought it entertaining to watch them struggle in vain against him, he quickly learned that they actually had the power to usurp his own. The Lost One was trapped in the far reaches of the omniverse, drained completely of his power and left to rot on a lifeless rock. In his prime, the Lost One was a strong, powerful entity with a physical appearance to match his high level of divinity. But now, he was a shriveled husk of his former glory, which only speaks to how terrifyingly powerful he is, as even in this state, the Lost One is still dominating Beyonder after Beyonder until his full power is restored.

While it’s unclear if his physical appearance will be restored upon the potential restoration of his full power, the one thing that is clear about the Lost One is that he is “a beautiful god no longer”, something that becomes painfully obvious after the Avengers expose the true face of this, their most powerful villain.

Avengers Beyond #4 by Marvel Comics is available now.