Ben Affleck’s The Flash Costume Concept Looks Way Better Than In The Movie

The 3D model concept art for Ben Affleck’s Batman suit in The Flash has been revealed and looks better than it did in the live-action movie.

The 3D concept art model for Ben Affleck’s Batman suit in The Flash has been posted to social media and looks much better than it did in the film’s final product. The first act of The Flash contains many links to the DCEU, most overtly through Ben Affleck’s last performance as Bruce Wayne/Batman. The opening action sequence of the film centers around Barry helping Batman to stop a robbery in Gotham City that caused buildings to collapse, showing the Caped Crusader in a fantastic chase scene to cap off Affleck’s iteration.

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Shared by the Twitter account Flash Film News, the concept art for the Batsuit worn by Affleck in The Flash‘s opening has been revealed. The model offers a much more in-depth look at the suit, something that was not possible in The Flash due to the quick, frenetic nature of Batman’s opening action sequence. From the blue cowl and cape to the light grey, armor-plated undersuit, Ben Affleck’s costume in The Flash looks more well-realized in the concept art than in the final film, and therefore much more impressive as a result.

Was Ben Affleck’s Final Batsuit The Worst Ever?

Ben Affleck's Batman And Flying Fox in The Flash

Despite the concept art making Ben Affleck’s final batsuit look better than it did in The Flash, the suit was still divisive, to say the least. The promise of finally receiving a grey and blue batsuit in live-action led many to be excited about Batman’s visual appearance in The Flash, though the overabundance of armor plating and needless straps, buckles, and arguable over-designs in sections make it one of the weakest batsuits in film. While certainly an improvement over the likes of Batman & Robin‘s batsuit, there is no denying that the one featured in The Flash is at least Ben Affleck’s worst look as Gotham’s Dark Knight.

The suit from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is arguably still Ben Affleck’s best costume as the character. Even the armored batsuit from that film worked within the context of the movie and looked great to boot. While the above model of the batsuit from The Flash certainly makes it look better than the film, the costume would have undoubtedly been better without the needless armor plating and other additions, with a traditional grey and blue suit being the better choice. As such, Ben Affleck’s final batsuit from The Flash is not the worst that has ever been in live-action, though it did leave a lot to be desired.

Source: Flash Film News

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