Consultant Jobs In Dubai


Consultant Jobs In Dubai, We are looking for a knowledgeable consultant to provide advice within their specified field. The duties of a consultant include analyzing situations and providing appropriate solutions. You should commit to using sound research techniques to collect the necessary data. To be successful as a consultant, you should demonstrate expertise in your … Read more

Logistics Officers Jobs In Dubai


Logistics Officers Jobs In Dubai, Logistics Officers are responsible for monitoring stock levels and overseeing the movement of incoming and outgoing goods. They are detail–focused and use computers to manage the inventory databases under their control. They usually work in a storage facility for transport and logistics organizations. Logistics officers perform various functions working in … Read more

Purchasing Coordinator Jobs in Ajman

Purchasing Coordinator Jobs in Ajman, We are looking for a highly organized and communicative Coordinator to be responsible for task and event management. The Coordinator will also be responsible for liaising with clients, contacting vendors, and working with various staff members to complete a project. To be successful as a coordinator you must have excellent … Read more

Cashier Jobs in Ajman

Cashier Jobs in Ajman, We are looking for an efficient, courteous cashier who possesses excellent customer service skills. The cashier will scan the customer’s selections, ensure that prices and quantities are accurate, accept payments, issue receipts, answer inquiries, and provide helpful information to customers’ products, promotions, or item locations. You will also respond to complaints, … Read more

Marketing Manager Jobs in Ajman

Marketing Manager Jobs in Ajman, Responsibilities include the oversight of all aspects of the University’s marketing and communications efforts to develop, implement, evaluate, and refine a comprehensive marketing communications initiative. The person will direct the daily activities of the Office of Marketing and Strategic Communication in support of an integrated marketing communications plan to achieve maximum … Read more

CEC Marketing Staff Jobs in Ajman

CEC Marketing Staff Jobs in Ajman, We are looking for a receptive marketer to aid in the creation and roll-out of memorable, profit-generating initiatives. The marketer should review contemporary market conditions, guide the conceptualization of novel campaigns, and then work toward disseminating product-related data. You should also forge reciprocal connections with our consumers through thoughtful … Read more

Senior Programmer Jobs In Ajman

Senior Programmer Jobs In Ajman,  We are looking for an experienced senior developer to be responsible for overseeing junior developers on projects and supporting various development duties. The responsibilities of senior developers include writing code, analyzing data, and contributing to the design and implementation of software. To be successful as a senior developer, you should … Read more

MIS Assistant Professor Jobs In Ajman

MIS Assistant Professor Jobs In Ajman, We are searching for a well-organized, trustworthy assistant professor to join our excellent faculty. The assistant professor’s responsibilities include teaching a requisite number of classes, providing guidance and supervision to graduate students, participating in departmental meetings, and providing academic support to Professors and other faculty members. You should be … Read more

AC Technician Jobs In Ajman

AC Technician Jobs In Ajman, We are looking to hire a detail-oriented HVAC technician to install, maintain and repair HVAC systems. The HVAC technician will be skilled in cleaning, adjusting and repairing systems. You will guide and advise the customer to select the most appropriate air quality system to fulfill their requirements. You will be … Read more

Chef Job in Dubai

Chef Job in Dubai, Our restaurant is seeking a passionate, skilled chef to create delicious meals for our patrons. You will be responsible for planning our menu, ensuring that each dish is nutritious and cost-effective, and collaborating with a team of kitchen staff to deliver food that meets the highest quality standards. To ensure success … Read more