Why Did Aaliyah Leave Love Is Blind Season 5?

Why Did Aaliyah Leave Love Is Blind Season 5

Summary Aaliyah abruptly leaves Love Is Blind after a difficult conversation with Uche about her past cheating, where he shamed her and refused to listen. Uche withholds the information that he had dated another contestant, Lydia, causing Aaliyah to feel blindsided and manipulated. Lydia pursued a friendship with Aaliyah knowing she was dating her ex, … Read more

How To Change Your Appearance In Baldur’s Gate 3

How To Change Your Appearance In Baldurs Gate 3

Although it was impossible at launch, you can now change your appearance in Baldur’s Gate 3. The character’s appearance was fixed after starting the game, but Patch 3 of Larian’s critically acclaimed turn-based CRPG made it possible to customize certain aspects of the player’s avatar mid-game. As a single playthrough of the campaign can be … Read more

10 Biggest Changes Netflix’s Narcos Made To Real Life

10 Biggest Changes Netflixs Narcos Made To Real Life

Summary Narcos took creative liberties with the real-life story of Pablo Escobar and the drug trade in Colombia, including changes to chronology and the details of some events and characters. Pedro Pascal’s character, Javier Peña, was not actually involved in investigating the Cali Cartel, despite the show’s depiction. Many characters in Narcos had their names … Read more

Loki Season 2 News & Updates: Everything We Know

Loki Season 2 News Updates Everything We Know

Summary Loki season 2 is set to bring more time travel drama to the MCU, with the God of Mischief exploring and investigating the multiverse. The biggest tease for Loki season 2 came in the post-credits scene of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, indicating that Marvel Studios plans to expand the stories of secondary characters … Read more

Why Top Gun: Maverick Recast Penny’s Daughter

Why Top Gun Maverick Recast Pennys Daughter

Summary The role of Penny’s daughter, Amelia, in Top Gun: Maverick almost went to a different actress before being recast. The Amelia character could become more important in the future, potentially giving Maverick a father figure role. Thomasin McKenzie dropped out of Top Gun: Maverick for a more challenging and career-advancing opportunity in Lost Girls. … Read more