Daisy Kelliher Claims Bravo Cut Below Deck Scene Showing Colin Flirting With Someone

Below Deck Sailing Yacht‘s Daisy Kelliher claimed on Twitter that her co-star Colin MacRae flirted with someone on the show, but fans will may never see the footage. The Sailing Yacht love triangle has been a huge storyline this season. It hasn’t been smooth sailing between Daisy, Colin and Gary King, of course. There have been arguments and jealousy, with Daisy acknowledging that it’s complicated.

A Below Deck viewer recently criticized Daisy on Twitter over the Colin and Gary love triangle. It started when @NorCal_Mendo said that Daisy was willing “to risk a bona fide relationship with Colin over Gary,” nothing that the situation was confusing. Daisy replied, admitting that fans don’t get to see everything that goes on and revealing that she and Gary have had “multiple conversations” over why she likes Colin.

Then another fan, @MarieWheatley1, slammed her for flirting with Gary, calling it “disrespectful” and saying that “Colin is a decent guy.” Daisy ended up replying to this tweet as well, claiming that Colin “was flirting with someone too. You just don’t see it cause…it was boring and [because] they didn’t really air it.”

Below Deck Fans React To Daisy Kelliher’s Claim About Colin

Below Deck's Daisy Kelliher and Colin MacRae in uniform

When CamilleRW posted the Twitter interaction on Reddit, Below Deck fans reacted to the news that Daisy shared. Holymoly78 said that Colin was flirting with the chef, and whydowewatchthis noticed that Daisy wasn’t really clapping all that much when everyone cheered on the chef, so it’s possible Daisy’s tweet was in reference to this. Others noted a “spark” between Colin and Chef Ileisha Dell as well. Others like ruckusrox didn’t think he was flirting since Below Deck producers would have been “all over that” for a Sailing Yacht storyline if they saw it.

Another common opinion in the Reddit thread was that Daisy threw Colin under the bus in an attempt to “deflect from her own bad behavior,” as noted by TechnicalPeach4. It’s obvious that Daisy should take accountability for her behavior, but she seems unwilling to do so. The love triangle between her, Colin and Gary has been a huge point of discussion with the Below Deck franchise. It’s unclear if everything will get resolved by the end of Sailing Yacht season 4, though.

However, Daisy recently revealed that a lot has been going on between her and Colin lately. But she obviously didn’t want to give away spoilers about her Below Deck storyline that haven’t aired yet. Then just the other day, Daisy posted some photos with Colin, which hinted at a possible reconciliation. It’s not totally clear where they currently stand, especially since they apparently unfollowed each other on social media at one point. Hopefully, the rest of Sailing Yacht season 4 clears everything up.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EDT on Bravo.

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