Daryl Dixon In France Risks Destroying The Walking Dead’s Entire Spinoff Plan


  • Daryl Dixon’s exploration of France in the upcoming spinoff poses both exciting opportunities and risks for the franchise’s spinoff plans, as it could provide more information about the outbreak while also changing the rules for the franchise with the introduction of mutated zombies.
  • The spinoff direction, including Daryl’s own show, is a gamble that relies on the main characters to carry their own shows, which has proven successful so far. However, taking such risks could potentially harm the continuity and established rules of the franchise.
  • It is crucial for the spinoffs to acknowledge and explore the France storyline set up in The Walking Dead: World Beyond, as France plays a significant role in the existence of walkers. Ignoring this important location could be a huge mistake and risk undermining the spinoffs’ success.

While The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon excitedly sets up a main character exploring France, it also risks destroying the franchise’s spinoff plans. With the mystery surrounding the outbreak never being fully explored in the universe, Daryl (Norman Reedus) going to France will allow the potential to provide more information about it. There has already been footage shown of new acid zombies, with Daryl Dixon’s mutated zombies changing all the rules for the franchise. This gives the show something fresh and exciting to draw audiences in, but it also shows that these spinoffs will take big risks, risks that might not pay off.

The spinoff direction is already a gamble, putting faith in the series’ main characters to carry their own shows. So far, The Walking Dead: Dead City has proved to be a success and the likelihood is Daryl will be capable of drawing in audiences as well. While risk-taking might be what the franchise needs to get back to the popularity it once had, it can’t risk destroying its continuity in the process. The Walking Dead has already established certain rules about how zombies work in the universe and has teased lore surrounding the outbreak. Putting Daryl in France could risk what the spinoffs are trying to achieve.

Daryl Dixon Can’t Ignore The Walking Dead’s France Storyline

Norma Reedus as Daryl Dixon in Front of the Eiffel Tower Edited

For Daryl Dixon and the rest of the spinoffs to succeed, the show can’t ignore the France storyline set up in The Walking Dead: World Beyond. With France being crucial to the entire existence of walkers, ignoring how important the location is to the universe would be a huge mistake. Daryl doesn’t have to find out all the answers, but gaining some insight into what happened in France is essential. Given the footage released on AMC+ has already shown zombie variants, the show seems to be continuing previous lore suggesting France has variant cohorts. This means World Beyond’s post-credit scenes have to be acknowledged to some degree in Daryl Dixon.

With Daryl’s story in the main show ending with him embarking on a mission of discovery, The Walking Dead’s finale explains Daryl being in France. There is some mystery in the spinoff show as to how exactly he ends up in Europe, but France would help continue his mission to find out more about the apocalypse. With World Beyond further setting up Daryl in France, it is important the mystery of the outbreak as well as the experiments creating walker variants is explored. There is still much to be revealed about the Primrose team and their involvement with the outbreak, something that must be answered in the upcoming spinoff.

Dead City Set A Bad Precedent For Walking Dead Continuity

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan and Lauren Cohan as Maggie in Walking Dead Dead City

Despite being a success, Dead City doesn’t bode well for continuity in spinoffs. Outside of Maggie, Negan, and Hershel, there are no main show characters that make an appearance outside of flashbacks in the spinoff. Dead City essentially ignores The Walking Dead’s finale, opting to leave out much about the Commonwealth or Hilltop in favor of Manhattan. Seeing the apocalypse in Manhattan was certainly exciting, but much of the story took place away from the wider world of the franchise. The Croat proved to be a fun villain, but after several seasons focusing on the Saviors and Negan, it feels disjointed that he was never mentioned in the main show.

Dead City also failed to further the franchise’s other storylines. The CRM is one of the show’s biggest ongoing mysteries, yet there were no developments in Maggie and Negan’s spinoff. One of the most memorable scenes in Dead City was the mutant sewer zombie attacking Maggie. It made for something unique and visually impressive, however, it wasn’t an actual variant. Even if Dead City was a fun, self-contained show, it never managed to address some of the wider stories in the universe. This creates potentially bad news for Daryl Dixon, as they may opt to focus on a more contained story rather than addressing France’s big questions.

Daryl Dixon’s Show Could Ruin Walking Dead’s Universe Plan Before It Properly Begins

The three main upcoming Walking Dead spinoff characters: Rick & Michonne, Daryl Dixon, and Negan & Maggie.

With Daryl Dixon and Dead City both being renewed for a season 2, spinoffs appear to be the future of the series. The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live will continue this theme of spinoffs, adding to the likes of World Beyond and Fear The Walking Dead. All these spinoffs help create a further universe to the main show, but Daryl Dixon may ruin that before they properly get going. If the spinoff fails to address the France lore set up in other shows, it undermines the whole shared universe that has been created. Without continuing the France outbreak storyline, it becomes harder to invest in each individual show.

If there is no connection between the shows, it creates the idea they aren’t worth investing in as the next The Walking Dead spinoff will forget what happened in the last. World Beyond will likely never return, meaning its mysteries must be answered elsewhere, otherwise, it becomes a massive waste of time. The post-credit scene is important to the wider universe highlighting that it cannot be ignored and left unexplained. The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon could be a massive part of The Walking Dead’s lore and tie many different shows together. Equally though, it risks destroying the shared universe aspect of the franchise and turning viewers away from becoming invested in what happens next.