Dekh Raha Hai Binod Meme Template, Panchayat 2 Binod and banrakas Memes

Panchayat 2 Binod Memes: “Dekh Raha Hai Binod” is a cheeky line spoken by Bhushan Kumar to Vinod to upset Abhishek Tripathi (Jitender Kumar) in 2022’s Indian Hindi-language comedy-drama web series created by The Viral Fever for the Amazon Prime Video Panchayat Season 2.

Dekh Raha Hai Binod Meme

This dialogue of Banaracas of Panchayat-2 became the favorite of the people, you will be amazed to see the funny memes made on Binod. It seems that the euphoria of the wonderful web series Panchayat Season 2 is still overshadowed by the people. That’s because Twitter is still full of memes made up of funny scenes from this series. Recently, a scene between Banracas and Binod has been chosen by people to make memes and the same funny memes are now dominating the internet.

dekh raha hai binod meme

Earlier, many dialogues of Jeetendra Kumar aka Abhishek Tripathi had become memes and you can see them in every corner of an interesting conversation between the users. However, this meme template is such that you can even put your own words in it and create a funny meme.

This scene is of the time when Banaracas was trying to brainwash a common villager named Binod so that he turns against the secretary and the head.


Why this Meme Viral

The format started trending on Instagram in the first week of July 2022 and was later on shared by official handles of Amazon Prime India and Tinder India. Amazon Prime write in his tweet, “Dekh raha hai binod? kaise meme ke naam par khaali template tweet kiya jaa raha hai.” With this, netizens took the cue and just filled the internet with various funny memes which can give us many rofl moments.

Dekh Raha Hai Binod Meme Template

dekh raha hai binod meme download

Using the line — “Dekh raha hai Binod” — from the show, netizens are sharing their sarcastic takes on various issues.

Who is Binod?

Panchayat fans were eagerly waiting for the season 2 of the Amazon Prime original show from a very long time. As the season dropped on the OTT platform, it received immense love from the audience. Do you remember the character, Binod? Ahaa! how can you forger him. After all, his name resembled the famous meme that took internet on storm. Now, Binod meme has again come back but this time with context to Panchayat 2. If you’ve seen the latest season, then you must remember the scene where Banrakas confronts Sachiv Ji for his friendship with Panchayat Pradhan.

binod meme template

Binod Memes Panchayat 2

dekh raha hai binod meme dekh raha hai binod dekh raha hai binod meme 1

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