Demon Slayer Season 3 Episode 7 Unveils A Surprising Fusion

Prepare to be spellbound as “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” mesmerizes fans across the globe with its awe-inspiring animation, enthralling narrative, and memorable cast of characters. Brace yourself for an adrenaline-charged spectacle as Season 3 Episode 7 jabs us into the heart of a relentless clash between the unyielding Tanjiro and the formidable Hantengu. This spectacle epitomizes the stubborn resolve of our beloved Demon Slayer.

What Is The Release Date Of Episode 7?

The long-awaited masterpiece, demon slayer season 3 episode 7, aptly titled “Awful Villain,” is poised to grace our screens today, on Sunday, May 21. Brace yourselves, for the Swordsmith Village Arc is about to unfold its next stunning chapter, leaving fans straddled precariously on the edge of their seats.

Who Is The Cast Member?

  • Natsuki Hanae as Tanjiro Kamado
  • Kana Hanazawa as Mitsuri Kanroji(voice)
  • Akari Kitō as Nezuko Kamado
  • Hiro Shimono as Zenitsu Agatsuma
  • Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Inosuke Hashibira
  • Shunsuke Takeuchi as Urogi(voice)

What Can Happen In This Episode?

In Demon Slayer Season 3 Episode 7, “Awful Villain,” the narrative intensifies as the battle between Tanjiro and Hantengu climaxes. Tanjiro, determined to defeat the formidable demon, unleashes a slashing attack aimed at Hantengu’s neck. However, to his dismay, his blade’s flames diminish, making breaking through the enemy’s defenses increasingly challenging.

Adding another layer of complexity, the manifestation of Hantengu’s profound hatred materializes, releasing a fearsome Blood Demon Art in the form of colossal wooden dragons. To the shock Genya, it becomes evident that this demon is none other than Sekido, who has assimilated the powers of Karaku, Urogi, and Aizetsu, merging their strengths into a single formidable entity.

Sekido shields Hantengu with a protective burl, vehemently denouncing the Demon Slayers as villains responsible for his suffering. In response, Tanjiro adamantly defends his fellow slayers, vehemently refusing to accept the blame for Sekido’s grievances. The clash of principles and emotions escalates, boosting the battle between the two sides.

Meanwhile, Gyokko infiltrates Kozo’s hut in another subplot, where he meets Kozo and Hotaru. Hotaru stays unyielding, continuing to shine Tanjiro’s edge with relentless focus despite maintaining severe wounds. This firm decision infuriates Gyokko, setting the stage for a potentially volatile confrontation between the two characters.

Elsewhere, Kotetsu, driven by sheer determination, attempts to penetrate the protective barrier surrounding Hantengu. However, his efforts are met with fierce resistance from a minor demon, resulting in a severe wound to Kotetsu’s stomach. Undeterred, Kotetsu summons his remaining strength, blowing bubbles into the barrier and providing Muichiro with a vital air supply. 

Is There Any Trailer Available For This Season?

Anime devotees, prepare for an adrenaline-fueled frenzy as the masterful artisans at Ufotable, renowned for their artistic prowess, teasingly unveil a mesmerizing tapestry of scenes in the long-awaited demon slayer season 3 episode 7 trailer. Buckle up for an exhilarating joyride that grants us a tantalizing glimpse into the grand narratives in store within this hotly anticipated chapter.

“No matter what you do, be proud of yourself. Even if you’re swallowed up by darkness, pride will guide you back to the light.” 

Zenitsu Agatsuma

What Do Fans Expect From This Episode?

Fans of demon slayer season 3 episode 7 anticipate breathtaking, high-stakes battles that showcase the incredible skills and powers of the Demon Slayers and their competitors. They hope to witness visually spectacular action lines that push the limits of animation and leave them in awe.

Devoted fans expect the characters to experience significant growth and change throughout the season. They yearn for more profound wisdom into the protagonists’ and antagonists’ reasons, pasts, and inner struggles. Exploring their emotions and seeing their journeys is crucial aspect fans eagerly await.

Fans are excited to be taken on a rollercoaster of suspense and surprises. They hope for unexpected plot twists that question their beliefs, keep them guessing, and leave them on the edge of their seats. Revealing unexpected revelations and shocking effects will undoubtedly leave fans craving more.


As Demon Slayer Season 3 Episode 7 approaches, fans’ anticipation, and excitement reach unparalleled heights. With the promise of epic battles, character development, fascinating plot twists, emotional depth, immersive world-building, and lovely visuals, the anticipations for this season are sky-high.

Fans yearn to be hauled into a world where their senses are promoted, where they can witness stunning animation, get lost in compelling storylines, and form more profound affinities with beloved characters. They eagerly await the unraveling of mysteries, the resolution of conflicts, and the triumph of the human spirit over adversity.