Earth Is About To Get A LOT More Superheroes According To Perfect MCU Phase 6 Theory


  • The introduction of the dead Celestial in the Eternals movie could lead to an explosion of new superheroes and villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • Marvel Comics has a storyline where a dead Celestial’s body caused the emergence of superpowers on Earth, which parallels what happened in Eternals.
  • The emergence of mutants in the MCU can be explained by the Celestial organic material seeping through the Earth and causing changes to human DNA.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is already brimming with superheroes, but one theory posits that the franchise may be about to get a whole lot more. Superheroes seemed to be a minuscule rarity before Tony Stark suited up in Iron Man, with only a few others – most notably Steve Rogers’ Captain America – known by the general public. Of course, many others soon followed suit, and not long after, Earth had its own super team in The Avengers. The MCU hasn’t slowed down since.

Though Avengers: Endgame saw the end of several heroes’ tenures in the MCU, it also opened the door for many more. The MCU Phase 4 introduced several new heroes through movies and streaming series, and Phase 5 has continued the trend. However, an MCU Phase 4 cliffhanger may grow that number more and even, perhaps, introduce an anticipated superhero team to Marvel’s big-screen franchise.

Eternal’s Dead Celestial May Create More Superheroes

Celestial Tiamut death in Eternals

Eternals introduced several new characters to the MCU, and it also ended with what should be a world-changing event. After discovering that a large part of their purpose is to prime planets for the birth of new Celestials, the Eternals race to stop Ikaris from enabling Tiamut to rise from the planet’s core, destroying it in the process. While the side of good ultimately wins out, the destruction gets well underway before they do, and a giant Celestial hand and part of a head are turned to marble by Sersi and left sticking out of the planet.

Immediately, several MCU theories popped up about the dead Celestial, positing everything from the body introducing Adamantium to the MCU to the creature being turned into a giant Avengers base. However, the pages of Marvel Comics support an even wilder theory. Tiamut’s partial emergence may lead to an explosion in super-powered individuals around the world.

Marvel Comics recently retconned the origin of superheroes on Earth, and the story is incredibly similar to what happened in Eternals. In short, Marvel revealed that a Celestial called the Progenitor died on Earth billions of years ago. After death, elements of his body seeped into the planet and later caused the emergence of superpowers in Earth’s lifeforms. While the MCU likely won’t travel billions of years into the past, it’s very possible that Tiamut’s voyage from the Earth’s core to the surface could have a similar effect and create new superheroes and villains.

The MCU Can Adapt Marvel Comic’s Progenitor Story To Introduce The X-Men

Halle Berry, Hugh Jackman, Famke Janssen, and James Marsden in X-Men

While the Progenitor story seems set up to influence the MCU, the franchise, of course, already has a huge cast of superpowered characters. However, one particular team will need an explanation as to their whereabouts whenever they make their franchise debut. While mutants have slowly been introduced to the MCU with characters like Kamala Khan in Ms. Marvel, Namor in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, and a Professor X variant in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Marvel may want to explain why so many mutants will presumably make their debut in the MCU Phases 6 and beyond. Tiamut can be the cause.

Celestial organic material seeping through the Earth as the massive being grew and eventually emerged could very reasonably explain changes to human DNA in a superpowered twist on what real-world chemicals can do to local flora and fauna. Mutants have clearly been around for centuries via Namor’s backstory, which tracks with how long it takes to grow a Celestial. If the Marvel Cinematic Universe does use Tiamut to justify the emergence of any superpowered characters – X-Men or not – it would finally justify what has hitherto been an awkward, unaddressed cliffhanger.

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