Futurama’s Fry Rides A Bender Boat As Zoidberg Sea Monster Attacks In Riff On Classic Painting


  • Futurama, the animated sitcom that premiered in 1999, continues to have a dedicated fanbase even two decades after its initial release, as shown through inventive art merging Futurama and an iconic print.
  • The show was initially canceled after four seasons but was saved by fan demand and has since been revived on different platforms like Comedy Central and Hulu.
  • While a season 12 of Futurama has not yet been confirmed, the show has a history of overcoming cancelations and could do so again, although ongoing Hollywood strikes may pose challenges.

New digital art places Futurama characters Fry, Zoidberg, and Bender into the famous 1831 woodblock print The Great Wave off Kanagawa. Released in 1999, Matt Groening’s Futurama follows Philip J. Fry (voiced by Billy West) after he’s cryogenically frozen and woken up a thousand years in the future. Though it initially came to an end in 2013 (after being saved from cancellation by Comedy Central), Futurama was recently revived by Hulu and is currently airing season 11.

While an edited version of the Futurama image was recently posted to a subreddit devoted to A.I.-generated images, the original work was completed by @the_real_meep, who has also shared it to their Instagram. Check out the image below:

Futurama Story

In the piece, Fry rows a boat shaped as his robot friend Bender while a Zoidberg sea monster rises above waves in the distance. The shape of the wave itself, however, stays true to the original print despite these character additions. Although The Great Wave off Kanagawa is one of the most influential works of all time and is thought to have inspired pieces such as Van Gogh’s “Starry Night,” seeing Futurama characters amid the curling wave is unexpected.

Futurama’s Fan Support Has Saved It Before – And Could Again

A poster for the revival of Futurama

Art such as the above piece speaks to the longstanding viewer support of Futurama, even two decades after its initial release. Originally premiering on Fox in 1999, the animated sitcom stayed on the network for just four seasons. Later, Futurama found a spot in Comedy Central’s rotation, but it was again canceled in 2013. However, fan demand saved Futurama from being canceled indefinitely, and the show began releasing episodes once again in July on Hulu.

Now, in the wake of season 11, some viewers are likely clamoring for news regarding Futurama season 12. Although a season 12 is not yet confirmed, the show has fought back against its cancelation record for decades and could reasonably do so again. With the ongoing Hollywood strikes unresolved, however, Futurama may have more obstacles in its path than usual.

For now, though, viewers will have to keep on the lookout for updates or continue streaming the remaining Futurama season 11 episodes. The season, which consists of 20 episodes, will be split into two parts, meaning the Futurama enthusiasm will likely last for months to come. Clearly, though, the passion for this series has already been thriving for decades, something that’s very impressive in this day and age.

Source: @the_real_meep/Instagram