Gwen Stacy’s Music Tour Goes Off the Rails in New Series Spider-Gwen: Smash

Gwen Stacy has already had adventures across the multiverse, but now it is time for her to embark on a whole new kind of tour, as her band the Mary Janes are ready to rock and roll, and they’re hitting the road to do it in Marvel’s upcoming Spider-Gwen: Smash series.

Slated for a December release, Spider-Gwen: Smash – by Melissa Flores and Enid Balám – finds Gwen is back at home on Earth-65, and she’s vowed to set aside her Ghost-Spider duties to play some drums…if she can get a break from the bad guys long enough to do it.

Like Most Touring Rockers, Gwen Stacy Has A Day Job Back Home


Spider-Gwen: Smash is set to feature three stunning covers by David Nakayama, Elizabeth Torque, and Peach Momoko. The story will mark the next chapter in Gwen Stacy’s life. Recently, she’s faced down an army of villainous clones and dealt with personal issues, including her own approach to friendship and not letting anyone get close. Spider-Gwen: Smash offers a change, or at least an attempt at one. The announcement for the new series states, “Gwen has promised the band that this big break will be all about the music,” but things are rarely that simple for a Spider-powered hero, and Gwen is no exception.

Spider-Gwen Will Cross Paths With New Versions Of Familiar Faces


Gwen Stacy’s life would be simpler if she could separate her Ghost-Spider duties from her personal life, but even a vow to her band can’t keep new villains from showing up. As the Mary Janes take off on a four-city tour, opening for one of Earth-65’s biggest names in rock, things are set to fall apart practically before they get started. The Mary Janes are the opening act, but the headliner has attracted the attention of an assassin that someone will have to stop. According to Flores, Gwen’s “powers will be tested against some unexpected new enemies” and breaking her promise to the band may leave her personal life crumbling, too.

Balancing life and duty is no new task for the Spider-powered people of the multiverse, nor for touring rock musicians. Spider-Gwen: Smash will see Gwen stretched thin as a result. It’s unlikely that she’ll step aside and let an assassin take out their headliner, but that choice could have consequences. Additionally, Smash has more than just unfriendly faces in store. Marvel’s announcement revealed that Ghost-Spider and the Mary Janes will cross paths with Earth-65’s versions of Dazzler (Alison Blaire) and Lila Cheney – two superstar mutants who haven’t appeared there previously. Considering they’re showing up while the Mary Janes are on tour, Dazzler and Cheney are likely to possess serious star power.

Luckily for Gwen, they could be powerful allies. Earth-616’s Dazzler just faced a gruesome death on Krakoa, but Earth-65’s may be primed, ready to fight alongside Spider-Gwen. Alison and Lila have teamed up in battle and music before; seeing the two of them reunited would be an exciting moment. Thwarting assassins isn’t the only thing Gwen has to deal with either. Web-slinging might feel like a break compared to hours on a tour bus, with tensions running high. Writer Melissa Flores says she’s having the “time of [her] life” writing Spider-Gwen, so fans can expect more fun on the horizon. Marvel’s Spider-Gwen: Smash is set to showcase Gwen Stacy’s music talent alongside her hero prowess.

Source: Marvel

Spider-Gwen: Smash #1 will debut on December 24, 2023 from Marvel Comics!