Has Leo Really Changed After The Love Island USA Casa Amor Incident?


  • Leo’s actions at Casa Amor were questionable and he quickly regretted his decision, but it’s unclear if his transformation is genuine or just to win back Kassy’s trust.
  • Kassy’s anger and disappointment played a crucial role in Leo’s self-reflection, but there’s no concrete evidence that he has truly changed as a person.
  • Leo’s commitment to being a better partner for Kassy is evident, but the real test lies in whether he can stay loyal to her now that he has her back.

Leo received praise from his family for his evolution after Love Island USA‘s Casa Amor, but it’s unclear if he’s really changed that much. While Leo’s partner, Kassy Castillo, was away at Casa Amor, Leo connected with bombshell Johnnie Garcia, and the two had sex. The aftermath became the plot of several Love Island USA season 5 episodes.

Leo instantly regretted his decision and soon realized he didn’t want to be with Johnnie anymore and wanted Kassy back. However, this would be no easy feat as Kassy was devastated over what he did to her. Leo worked hard to prove he was sorry and that he really does want to be with Kassy. However, whether or not Leo’s behavior is genuine or not is still a mystery.

Has Enough Time Passed Since Casa Amor For Leo To Have Evolved?

Love Island USA Leonardo

Carston “Bergie” Bergersen has had a great evolution since he entered the villa during day one. However, Bergie’s also had enough time from day one through day thirty-four to really change. With Leo, Casa Amor doesn’t seem far enough in the past for him to really have evolved. While he instantly regretted his decision and spent days in the villa feeling guilty and angry with himself, that doesn’t mean he’s a new person now. Even Kassy knew this, which is why it took her quite a while to forgive him, and she wasn’t even sure until the last minute if she was going to recouple with him for the final recoupling.

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Had Kassy not been mad at him for his actions, he might not have regretted what he did or been so hard on himself over it. He also may have continued to pursue a connection with Johnnie and forgotten all about what he had with Kassy. However, because Kassy was so hurt and angry, he had no choice but to reflect on what he’d done. Still, it seems like he has a lot more growing to do, and there’s no proof he’s actually a different person. However, it was mature of him to be open with Kassy about a past relationship where he was cheated on, which may have inspired his Casa Amor actions.

Will Leo Stay Loyal Now That He Has Kassy Back?

Leonardo holding a glass & Kassy looking surprised on Love Island USA

The main reason Leo evolved so fast since Casa Amor is that he was trying to win Kassy back. Now that he has her back, he’ll either continue to be an A-plus boyfriend, or he’ll go right back to hurting her and assume he’ll be able to win her back again if he wants to.

However, his family seemed to think he really has grown up and evolved while at the Love Island USA villa, and they would know him better than anyone else. Kassy’s family also approved of him despite how he hurt Kassy, seemingly agreeing he’s changed. According to his recent Love Island USA actions, he really does love Kassy and plans to never do to her what he did during Casa Amor ever again.