How to Beat Strider (Boss Fight)

Strider is the name of a mobile mining facility that acts as a massive boss fight to beat in the first Chapter of Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon. Your mission here revolves around the central weapon of the Strider, a giant laser cannon known as “The Eye.” Approaching this boss can be just as challenging as fighting it, with your mech having to hover and fly around the facility to find tactical weak spots.

Before you even reach the Strider, its Eye fires a volley of rockets and a huge laser as you get closer and closer, forcing you to dodge shots as you move forward. Consider customizing your mech with strong flight capabilities or quick movements using the Assembly parts available. This will help you avoid the Strider’s attacks as you get close to Armored Core 6‘s main boss fight.

How To Defeat Strider In Armored Core 6

Armored Core 6 Strider Boss Fight Defeat the Eye Objective to Complete Mission

In order to defeat the Strider, you have to destroy the four sub-generators on the facility protecting The Eye, then disable the main weapon for good. Your handler will first mark one of the boss’ legs to attack to drop the Strider closer to the ground. Depending on the Energy Capacity stat of your mech in Armored Core 6, it may be easy to fly up to the railings and surfaces of the facility once it falls onto the billowing sands.

The amount of total Energy meter you have and how fast it recharges depends on what Generator part from the Assembly you have equipped on your mech. Boost dodges and flying directly upward both consume this resource.

Once the leg is damaged, four markers will appear, showing the locations of each sub-generator and The Eye itself. There will be multiple turrets that still fire at you, but these are easily handled with a weapon that can lock onto multiple targets. Shoulder-mounted missile launchers can be equipped for some evolved mech warfare, making short work of Strider’s lingering defenses.

As more sub-generators are taken down, the operators of the Strider will become desperate, detaching sections of the facility. To stay on the railings and platforms of the boss, look for launch pads that will propel your mech upward without spending Energy. Avoid The Eye’s laser, which will tear through your Armor Points (AP) in Armored Core 6 until you can disable the final power source behind its shields.

After The Eye is exposed, travel to the top of the Strider and take cover to protect yourself from the laser. Firing at the cannon starts the main fight, where you’ll have to dodge missile volleys and the energy cannon. Stay close to The Eye‘s rotating platform and keep attacking until the weapon explodes, causing a chain reaction that lets you finally beat the Strider boss fight in Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon.

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