How to Beat Sulla (Boss Fight)

A hunter of Handler Walter’s hounds, Sulla is an enemy mech you have to beat in a boss fight during Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon‘s eleventh mission. While you continue your assault on a distant Waypoint, this machine will attempt to put you down in a grueling 1v1 battle. Armed with many of the same tools you could equip onto your machine, Sulla tests everything you’ve learned about the game’s mechanics.

Unlike other bosses at the end of missions in Armored Core 6, Sulla is actually not the main fight. This means that getting destroyed by the enemy AC will send you back to the beginning objectives, forcing you to infiltrate the Waypoint area again. Since there is another boss beyond Sulla, you may want to save the repair kits on your mech and proceed carefully before reaching the hostile pilot.

How To Defeat Sulla In Armored Core 6

Armored Core 6 Sulla Boss Fight to Defeat in Mission 11 of Chapter 1

Sulla enters this battle with a Bazooka, Pulse Gun, Shoulder Plasma, and Missile Launchers, making it important to keep moving along the ground to avoid the enemy mech’s attacks. Like PvP battles in Armored Core 6, Sulla can boost dodge away from your bullets or energy weapon blasts. Having a build with targeting missiles on one shoulder helps to deal consistent damage to the boss.

The Pulse Gun on Sulla fires a volley of bubble-like shots that are difficult to avoid in the air, so manage your Energy meter in Armored Core 6 to avoid these unpredictable projectiles. Meanwhile, the Bazooka deals high Impact damage that can stagger your mech if it lands enough hits. The amount of shots Sulla has to land to disable you depends on how high your build’s Attitude Stability stat is.

The meter above your Energy resource during a mission shows how much damage your mech can take before becoming staggered. When staggered, you cannot move, boost, repair, or even fire weapons for a short time.

The Shoulder Plasma Launchers fire from Sulla as three energy shots that track your mech, exploding into small orbs of electricity that deal damage over time. Even if these shots don’t hit you, their Area of Effect (AoE) will linger. To prevent Sulla from using every tool at once, keep firing a weapon with high accuracy and Impact to try and stagger Sulla for some free direct hits.

Those looking to beat the enemy mech Sulla in Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon need to stay aware of every danger in the boss fight, adapting to different situations with their own arsenal.

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