How To Drop A Pin On Google Maps And Share It With A Contact

Millions of people around the world depend on Google Maps for navigating and discovering places and businesses, and a convenient feature many users may not be aware of is the ability to drop a pin on the map and share it with someone. This feature comes in handy when users want to share a location that isn’t listed on Google Maps, such as a private residence. Provided users drop a pin correctly, the other person will be able to view the exact location shared on Google Maps.

Dropping a pin on the Google Maps app works the same on both Android and iOS. To begin, open Google Maps and search for the location that needs to be shared. If the location is unlisted, search for the street and then zoom into the map to find the location. Users can also share their current location by opening the Google Maps app looking for the blue dot. Once the location has been identified, touch and hold the position on the map to drop a red pin. The address of the pin will now appear at the bottom of the screen. Swipe through the options and tap ‘Share.’ Select the app and contact the location needs to be shared with.

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Drop A Pin On Google Maps On Desktop

A dropped pin on the Google Maps web version

Google Maps also lets users drop a pin from a computer. The steps are the same whether someone is using Windows, Mac, or any device accessing Maps from a browser. Open the Google Maps website and search for the location that needs to be shared. Left-click the exact location on the map. A small gray pin will appear on the map. Click on ‘Share‘ (or the share button) in the box that displays the address details. This might appear at the bottom or left of the screen, depending on the location. In the Share menu, click on ‘Copy Link.’ Paste the link into an app of choice and share it with a contact.

Using a dropped pin is convenient, not only for sharing directions with friends, but also to make a note of a location that might be difficult to find later. When a dropped pin is shared with another person, they can click on it to see its location on Google Maps. Tapping ‘Directions‘ on the Google Maps app displays the directions to the pin from a person’s current location.

Google Maps also offers the ability to save a dropped pin and easily access it later. The process to do this is the same, whether it’s a person dropping a pin on Maps or someone opening a link to a dropped pin. With the pin location displayed on the Google Maps app, tap ‘Save.’ Choose to save to one of the available lists, or create a new one. Add a note about the location if required. Tap ‘Finished‘ to save it. When Google Maps is opened again, the location will now be accessible by tapping on ‘Saved‘ in the menu at the bottom of the screen.

Source: Google