How To Farm (& Use) Gallowvine In Diablo 4

Among the many materials found in Diablo IV, Gallowvine is perhaps the one that players will try to farm and use the most for different potions or elixirs. This common plant must surprisingly be used as an ingredient for nearly every recipe seen at an Alchemist vendor. Players trying to upgrade their Potion charges and give their character other buffs might find themselves searching Sanctuary far and wide for enough Gallowvine.



Resources in Diablo 4 do not take up Inventory space like armor, weapons, or other quest items. Gallowvine is technically considered a Resource, so players can have as much of the plant as they want without worrying about reaching some sort of item cap. To check what resources a player has, they only need to open their character information before selecting the “Materials & Stats” prompt to pull up a detailed list.

How To Farm Gallowvine in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Interacting with Gallowvine Material to Farm Item

The best way to farm Gallowvine in Diablo 4 comes from finding the item from plant nodes in the wild, investigating dead bodies, collecting the resource from side quest caches, or refining other materials into Gallowvine at the Alchemist. Although players may find one piece of Gallowvine in chests or inside dungeons, the chances of finding an item in random breakable objects are low compared to these other options.

Completing side quests grants players a Cache that usually contains one or more resources, including plants like Gallowvine. Players can open Caches by selecting them in their inventory, provided they have enough room to store the containers.

Patches of plants are called nodes and release a wide variety of materials when players interact with them. Items such as Gallowvine, Blightshade, Biteberry, or even the rare Fiend Rose in Diablo 4 are harvested from these nodes. Many plant materials may be spent at an Alchemist vendor to transform them into a different resource, so players are encouraged to figure out which plants can be converted into Gallowvine when farming.

How to Use Gallowvine in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Refining Materials from Gallowvine to Use at Alchemist Vendor

Large cities in Diablo 4 sometimes host a special vendor known as the Alchemist, though players will know this type of NPC best from Kyovashad. Gallowvine is used as an ingredient in elixir crafting and potion upgrades, giving players consumables that grant temporary buffs or improvements to their Potion Charges, respectfully. Players should distinguish their Potion Charge upgrades from a Healer, a more common vendor seen near lots of Waypoints.

Those looking to survive Hardcore Mode in Diablo 4 will want to gather as much Gallowvine as possible to upgrade their potions right away as a character levels up. For players looking to team up with friends at a party, Gallowvine is also used to make Incense, which buffs multiple characters in a group. As a main ingredient in nearly everything the Alchemist provides, players will use Gallowvine often in Diablo IV, making it an item to farm whenever possible.

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