How To Find (& Beat) Vivianne Of The Lake

Finding and beating Vivianne of the Lake in Genshin Impact can be quite hard, as the mini-boss opponent’s location is not too explicitly shown. Vivianne of the Lake is an exclusive enemy found in Fontaine and is considered a Local Legend. Another opponent that fits into that same category is Genshin Impact’s Iron Viscount, though its fight is extremely distinct from Vivianne’s. In essence, Vivianne is an enhanced version of the regular Tainted Water-Spouting Phantasm opponents spread across the Fontaine region.

Vivianne of the Lake is an elemental Hydro creature and, as such, is invulnerable to attacks of the element in Genshin Impact. It was added as an enemy in Version 4.0, which introduced the Nation of Hydro as one of the explorable regions in Teyvat. To beat Vivianne of the Lake, it will be necessary to use a proper team comp. Before issuing the challenge, however, you need to locate this Local Legend.

Vivianne Location In Genshin Impact (Fontaine)

A fish-eye styled shot of Wanderer looking at Vivianne of the Lake with the nearby Teleport Waypoint visible and the Court of Fontaine in the distance.

Vivianne of the Lake’s location in Genshin Impact is set north of the Court of Fontaine, the main city in the region. The best way to reach the Local Legend is to go to the Teleport Waypoint north of the city, northeast of the Echoes of the Deep Tides Domain. After arriving at the Waypoint, you should head slightly northwest. Vivianne of the Lake floats above a circle painted on the ground. Its exact location can be seen in the image below, as shown by the official interactive map on HoYoLAB:

Vivianne of the Lake's location highlighted on the Genshin Impact map.

Tips To Beat Vivianne Of The Lake In Genshin Impact

An in-game screenshot of Vivianne of the Lake in Genshin Impact.

Vivianne of the Lake is a mini-boss in Genshin Impact and, as such, is a challenge to beat. The most notable feature boasted by the Local Legend is its immense HP pool. Because of this, it may take a few minutes to beat Vivianne. The opponent has two powerful attacks. One of them is a water stream that is continuously blasted toward the active character and follows them even when they move. The second move is a cannon that shoots water projectiles. There is no specific strategy to deal with these attacks other than to dodge them.

Vivianne of the Lake’s attacks are telegraphed by its movements prior to the execution of the strikes themselves.

What is important to note, however, is that Vivianne of the Lake’s attacks hit extremely hard, and, depending on the active character that is struck, they can be one-shot. As such, the recommendation is to use a healer or a shielder to mitigate any damage income. Vivianne can easily dispose of shields with her moves, so it is not an exaggeration to bring both a shielder and a healer. Because Vivianne is a Hydro elemental opponent, the rule of thumb is to use characters of other elements, as Hydro will not affect this mini-boss in Genshin Impact.

Another curious detail is that Vivianne will take Freeze DMG, but will not be Frozen. This means Cryo characters will be able to deal damage, but not inflict the status effect. Beating Vivianne of the Lake will take some patience, as its massive HP pool takes a while to deplete, even with a solid team comp. Nevertheless, it is a fairly easy opponent to beat, provided you take care of your characters, shielding them or healing them on need. Vivianne is but one of the many Local Legends you may encounter while exploring the Fontaine region in Genshin Impact.

Source: HoYoLAB

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