How To Unlock More AP (Armor Points)

Perhaps the most important core stat to your mech in Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon is its Armor Points (AP), or health, which you can unlock more of depending on your build. Running out of AP means failing a mission, making this resource important at any point in the game. The parts found in the Assembly related to a machine’s Frame and Inner sections directly contribute to your Armor Point total.

The Assembly is where you can fully customize your mech in Armored Core 6, adding and unlocking parts that could increase your overall AP. By checking the AC Specs of your mech, you can see the Armor Point value of your build at any time. As you explore new options for evolved mech warfare, items will have an AP stat that might boost or lower your unit’s total defenses within their Part Specs.

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How To Get More Armor Points (AP) In Armored Core 6

Armored Core 6 Tank Class Mech Legs with Highest Armor Points (AP) Value for Customization

Armor Points are determined by the Head, Core, Arms, and Legs of your mech, with the highest AP parts sacrificing mobility to unlock more protection in Armored Core 6. The Legs are the most important part of any build, providing the highest boosts to AP and acting like mech classes in the game. The Tetrapod and Tank legs will give your mech the largest amount of AP but at the cost of much greater Weight and EN Load.

Mechs with high Weight may not be able to carry many weapons, while builds with extremely high EN Load have to use more Energy to boost or ascend vertically while moving around.

Adjustments to the Head, Core, and Arms have similar effects and drawbacks as the Legs, with the ones giving the biggest amount of AP being weaker in other areas. Going into the Arena to earn OST Chips for OS Tuning expansions can give your mech additional defensive abilities not connected to AP. For example, the Terminal Armor Expansion gives your mech a small barrier when you reach 0 AP.

If you don’t want to trade too much of your mech’s movement for Armor Points, remember that you have Repair Kits during missions that restore some AP when activated. Similarly to Soulsborne games and Armored Core 6, these items give you a chance at limited healing. Those looking to unlock more Armor Points (AP) without restricting their build should look into ways to upgrade these Repair Kits.

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