Indiana Jones Fan Art Reimagines Marion As The Titular Hero

New Indiana Jones fan art reimagines Marion Ravenwood in the shoes of the titular archaeologist. Ravenwood, as played by Karen Allen, is a character who originated in the first Indiana Jones movie, 1981’s Raiders of the Lost Ark. A tough-as-nails bar owner who used to be in a relationship with intrepid adventurer Indiana Jones, she accompanies him on his mission to prevent the Ark of the Covenant falling into the hands of the Nazis.

On Instagram, ahead of the release of Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, which features Marion Ravenwood’s return, artist and collector Jacqueline shared a piece of art reimagining Marion as the lead hero of the franchise.

In her caption, she shared how much she loves Marion’s “her spirit, her strength, and her can-do attitude.” All of those aspects are captured in the design, which shows the adventurer in motion, cracking her whip while on an adventure.

Why Marion Ravenwood is So Iconic

Karen Allen as Marion smiling in Indiana Jones

Although Marion Ravenwood is an iconic part of the franchise who has now starred in three of the five movies, she only appeared once in the original trilogy. Originally the franchise took more of a James Bond-style approach, partnering Jones with a new woman on each adventure. In 1984’s Temple of Doom, his female companion was Willie Scott (Kate Capshaw) whereas 1989’s The Last Crusade saw him accompanied by Elsa Schneider (Alison Doody).

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However, when the franchise returned for its later sequels, first 2008’s Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (which ended with the pair getting married) and now Dial of Destiny, Ravenwood was the only female companion to return. Part of the reason Marion remains the most iconic female counterpart to Indiana Jones is the fact that she was the first. She has had the most time to accrue nostalgia, and her presence in the original movie makes her a deeper part of the fabric of the world of the movies.

However, there are more factors that make Marion an iconic Indiana Jones character. In addition to Allen’s indelible performance, Marion is the best-suited partner for Indy, both as an adventuring companion and a romantic partner. With Willie being a reluctant participant and Elsa proving to be sharp but duplicitous, Marion is the only original trilogy companion to have the grit, skill, and compassion to help Jones survive whatever scrape he finds himself in, something that has cemented her status as a truly iconic character.

Source: @indyjaxartifacts/Instagram