Jamie & Claire’s Burial Talk In Outlander Season 7 Teases A Major Book Story

Warning! SPOILERS about Outlander season 7, episode 3 and the Outlander books ahead.

The important death in Outlander season 7, episode 3 prompted a somber-turned-humorous exchange between Claire and Jamie about burial wishes, but his joke subtly hinted at a book story involving Jamie. Outlander season 7’s trip to Scotland firmly established the season following Outlander’s seventh book, An Echo in the Bone, and Outlander already highlighted the dangers crossing an ocean entails in the past. Indeed, the perilous journey from Scotland to America in Outlander season 3 involved a shipwreck that Jamie, Claire, and their family fortuitously survived.

Given the number of dangerous things Jamie and Claire often found themselves involved in, Jamie’s prediction about how he’d die wasn’t really improbable. Jamie’s attempt at humor in Outlander season 7, episode 3 had more to do with veering off the discussion to something else, but there was some truth to it. After all, being “drowned, burnt, or left to rot in some battlefield” was something that had almost already happened in the past six Outlander seasons, and it’s also how Claire and Lord John Grey believe Jamie met his end later in An Echo in the Bone.

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Jamie’s Theory On How He’ll Die In Outlander Season 7 Is Similar To The Books

Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser in Outlander season 7-3

Jamie already believed he died when he woke up after the battle of Culloden in the Outlander season 3 premiere. While in that case, he really risked dying on a battlefield due to the battle of Culloden’s inevitability, especially for him, whom Bonnie Prince Charlie had outright mentioned as his supporter, that isn’t really the case for how he was presumed dead in An Echo in the Bone. Outlander’s seventh book saw Jamie and Claire return to America in different moments, as Claire had to return earlier to try and operate on Fergus and Marsali’s son, Henri-Christian.

Instead, Jamie’s trip back to America happened months later with his sister, once Jenny decided to follow him given her husband Ian’s death. Although everybody knew they were due to cross the ocean on the Euterpe, they missed the ship, sailing safely days later. Still, news that the Euterpe sank reached Lord John, Claire, and the Frasers in America, leading all of Jamie’s loved ones to believe him dead. Despite being a big misunderstanding, Jamie’s prediction in Outlander season 7, episode 3 proved correct: even if he was alive, had he died, it would have been more likely for him to die at sea or in battle than anything gentler.

Galbadon’s 7th Outlander Book Doesn’t Leave Jamie Dead For Long

Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser Caitríona Balfe as Claire Fraser in Outlander season 7 episode 3

An Echo in the Bone didn’t let the Frasers think Jamie was dead for long, and the end of the book proved that with Jamie appearing in Philadelphia and learning about what his family believed had happened from Fergus. However, Outlander’s seventh book also highlighted how things were difficult for Claire, who was being investigated for spying, prompting Lord John Grey to marry Claire to save her from being arrested. While Jamie eventually got to Lord John’s house and faked taking him hostage to flee from the redcoats, he was furious at him once he learned that, believing him dead and troubled by grief, Claire and John had slept together.

Without the involvement of time traveling, Outlander’s timeline isn’t too foggy in An Echo in the Bone. Still, with many story developments and dangers coming at Claire, the seventh Outlander book’s ending surely proves full of misdirection and misunderstandings. Hopefully, this will also make Outlander season 7 full of plot twists, action, and eventually heartwarming reunions between Jamie and Claire.