LIC Child Plan 2023 Benefits, Features, Details, Reviews

Overview of LIC Child Plan

If you are a parent, you know that one of the most important things you can provide for your children is a secure future. That’s why it’s so important to get a LIC child plan. Here’s an overview of what this type of plan entails, and how it can benefit you and your family.

LIC Kid Plan is a kid protection plan which covers the youngster. This is a customary cash back plan which takes care of ordinary cash benefits which give monetary help to your kid when required. The arrangement likewise offers a lengthy term for longer inclusion on the existence of your kid.

Key features of LIC Child Plan

LIC Child Plan is one of the most comprehensive and affordable health insurance plans for children. With LIC Child Plan, you can be sure that your children will have access to the best possible medical care, regardless of their location. Here are some of the key features of LIC Child Plan that make it a great choice for parents.

LIC Youngster Plan has the accompanying notable elements –

  • There are two kinds of premium limits presented by the arrangement for the superior installment mode and the total guaranteed that you pick
  • Endurance benefits are paid over the most recent five years of the approach
  • The arrangement is a partaking strategy which procures rewards. Rewards help in upgrading the advantages payable under the strategy
  • A lengthy inclusion term of seven years is permitted under the arrangement
  • On death, the full aggregate guaranteed is paid independent of the endurance helps previously got
  • The arrangement permits auto inclusion regardless of whether the charges are not paid
  • Premium waiver rider is accessible as a discretionary inclusion

Benefits under LIC Child Plan

If you’re a working parent, you know that one of the biggest expenses you face is childcare. With prices for daycare skyrocketing, it’s tough to find a affordable and quality facility for your child. But don’t worry, there are a number of benefits that come with having a LIC child plan. Here are five of the best reasons to enroll your child in a LIC child plan.

Here are the various kinds of advantages which LIC Kid Plan pays –

Survival benefit

Cash back benefits are paid north of five years before the arrangement lapses. The advantage payable is as per the following-

Maturity benefit

At the point when the approach develops, 15% of the aggregate guaranteed is paid alongside any last extra reward, if any.

Death benefit

In the event that the protected youngster kicks the bucket during the inclusion time frame or during the lengthy inclusion time frame, a passing advantage is paid. This advantage relies upon the period when demise happens. It would be as per the following –

  • In the event that the protected kicks the bucket any time before the last five arrangement years – the aggregate guaranteed + reversionary rewards + last extra reward
  • On the off chance that the protected bites the dust over the last five strategy years – the total guaranteed + last extra reward
  • On the off chance that the protected bites the dust over the lengthy inclusion period – the total guaranteed

In the event that, in any case, the gamble cover has not begun and the kid kicks the bucket, the charges paid would be discounted back.


The arrangement draws in basic reversionary rewards over the strategy span

in the event that the organization procures a benefit and pronounces a reward. In addition, a last extra reward could likewise be paid when the arrangement develops or on the other hand if the safeguarded bites the dust.

Rider benefit

The arrangement permits a discretionary Premium Waiver Advantage Rider. The rider can be assumed the existence of the parent who is the proposer of the approach. Under the rider, assuming the proposer passes on during the approach residency or over the auto cover period, the charges would be postponed however the arrangement would proceed unaffected.

Auto cover benefit

In the event that you have paid the charges of the initial two years of the arrangement and any resulting expenses are not paid, the approach wouldn’t pass. It would go on with the full aggregate guaranteed for the following two years.

In the event that the expenses of the initial three strategy years have been paid and afterward ensuing charges are not paid, the approach procures a settled up esteem. Under the settled up esteem, the inclusion lessens and is determined as follows –

The settled up worth would be the settled up total guaranteed and the vested reward. Future rewards wouldn’t build and you couldn’t benefit the drawn out inclusion for a very long time after the finishing of the strategy residency.

    1. Surrender value

      In the event that the strategy obtains a settled up esteem, you can give up it at whatever point you need. Give up is, in this manner, permitted after the charges of the initial three arrangement years have been paid. The acquiescence worth would be higher of the reliable acquiescence worth or extraordinary acquiescence esteem.

    2. Revival

      The strategy likewise permits you to restore a passed approach by paying the exceptional expenses. Restoration is permitted in something like two years of slip by of the approach.

    3. Premium discounts

      As referenced before, the arrangement offers two unmistakable sorts of premium limits to clients. The first is the modular markdown which is accessible in the event that you pay the superior yearly or half-yearly. The markdown rate is 2% and 1% of the even premium for yearly and half-yearly charges individually.

      The discount rates are as follows –

      Eligibility parameters of LIC Child Plan

Premiums payable under LIC Child Plan

Are you looking for a way to save money on premiums? If so, you’re in luck! In this blog post, we’ll be discussing how premiums payable under LIC Child Plans can be a cost-effective way to cover your children. We’ll also provide you with tips on how to choose the right plan for you, and explain the various benefits that come with it. So whether you’re a parent looking to find ways to cut costs or upgrade your coverage, read on to learn more!

Charges for LIC Youngster Plan are payable for a restricted term. How much premium relies upon the age of the youngster, term and aggregate guaranteed.

How does LIC Child Plan?

The aggregate guaranteed is INR 5 lakhs and the development would be the point at which the youngster achieves 23 years old. The exceptional would be INR 62,794. Here are the advantages which the arrangement would guarantee –

  • In the fifth last strategy year, INR 1.5 lakhs would be paid as endurance benefit with accumulated rewards
  • In the 4th,3rd, second and last strategy year, INR 75,000 would be paid as endurance benefits
  • In the event that the arrangement develops, INR 75,000 would be paid as development benefit with the last extra reward
  • In the event that the kid bites the dust during the approach residency, INR 5 lakhs would be paid with vested reward

How to buy LIC Child Plan?

You can purchase other kid protection plans presented by the organization like LIC Jeevan Tarun. On the other hand, you can purchase some other kid protection plans presented by other insurance agency online through . has a restrict with significant extra security organizations, and it permits you to purchase the best protection plan for your kid. You would, from that point, need to enter the applicable subtleties like your age, age of the kid, orientation, venture skyline, speculation sum, and so on to show up at the rundown of kid protection plans. You can then look at the accessible plans and pick the smartest idea for your kid.

Claim process of LIC Child Plan

To make an endurance or a development guarantee under the strategy, top off a case release structure and submit it to the organization. The organization would evaluate the structure and settle your case. For a demise guarantee, be that as it may, the cycle is unique. The chosen one ought to top off Guarantee Structure 3783 and submit it to LIC to make a case.

Documents Required for claims

For a development guarantee to be settled, the accompanying reports would need to be submitted –

  • Policy bond
  • Identity proof
  • Claim discharge form
  • Bank details of the claimant

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