Peacemaker’s New Army Just Turned Him into DC’s Most Powerful Antihero

Peacemaker’s new robot army has turned him into DC’s most powerful anti-hero. Currently, he’s in the pocket of Amanda Waller, who has turned him loose on Earth’s heroes – particularly the Doom Patrol – and in The Unstoppable Doom Patrol #5, the team run afoul of him once more. Only this time, he has an unstoppable army at his disposal.

The Unstoppable Doom Patrol #5 – written by Dennis Culver, drawn by Chris Burnham, colored by Brain Reber and lettered by Pat Brosseau – is a packed issue, which features the team facing off against the sinister Metagen Corporation, only to be interrupted by Peacemaker and his new government tech, two massive Peacemaker robots.

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The Peacemaker Just Got A HUGE Upgrade

Peacemaker Robots 1

In Unstoppable Doom Patrol #5, the Doom Patrol arrives in the town of New Poplar – actually a front by the sinister Metagen Corporation. The team’s own Robotman, along with Rita Farr, find themselves battling the corporate town’s robot denizens, while the Chief and Niles Caulder confront Metagen’s CEO, who is revealed to be merely a robotic duplicate. Robotman and Rita’s battle above ground rages on, eventually drawing in the Negative Man, and as the issue reaches its conclusion, things in New Poplar are turned upside down as two giant, robotic versions of the Peacemaker attack New Poplar, leveling the city and eliminating its champion, Metawoman.

Peacemaker’s Stock Has Been Slowly Rising

Peacemaker Robot 2

Over the last several years, Peacemaker has had a meteoric rise in the DC Universe, 2021’s Infinite Frontier initiative positioned Peacemaker as a major player in the DC Universe, after years of languishing in obscurity. Originally published by Charlton Comics, DC acquired the rights to the character in the early 1980s, incorporating him into their fictional universe, giving him a much darker origin. Thanks to John Cena’s portrayal of Peacemaker in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad, the character has experienced a major resurgence. Recently, Peacemaker pledged allegiance to Amanda Waller, who is pursuing her own dark agenda against Earth’s heroes.

While Waller’s plans are still unknown, Peacemaker is front and center. Now he has received a significant upgrade, making him one of DC’s most powerful anti-heroes. The DC Universe features plenty of anti-heroes, but none of them have an army of giant robots at their disposal. By allying himself with Waller and the military-industrial complex, Peacemaker will now have access to technology that he did not before – with giant robots perhaps only the beginning. His never-ending parade of helmets already makes Peacemaker a formidable fighting force, but with an army of killer robots, each designed in his image, there may be no stopping him.

Readers only briefly glimpse Peacemaker’s robots in Unstoppable Doom Patrol #5, but in their appearance they made short work of New Poplar, and were able to contain Metawoman’s final form. With this army at his command, Peacemaker will be able to enforce Waller’s agenda better than ever. Peacemaker’s rise in the DC Universe showed fans the character’s potential, after years of being slept on. Since Infinite Frontier, Peacemaker has become a major player; his recent alliance with Waller ensures Earth’s heroes will be seeing more of him. His robotic army raises the question of what other deadly technology Peacemaker will now have access to, as one of DC’s most powerful antiheroes.

The Unstoppable Doom Patrol #5 is on sale now from DC Comics!