Ringside Rivalries And Unforgiving Choices Await

Prepare to be enthralled once more as the highly anticipated second season of the sensational Starz series “Heels” is poised to ignite screens with its electrifying narrative and pulse-pounding wrestling spectacles. Led by the dynamic duo of Stephen Amell and Alexander Ludwig, the show peels back the layers of the intricate realm of professional wrestling, delving deep into the tumultuous lives of the Spade brothers and their entangled partners within the arcane Duffy Wrestling League (DWL). With fervent tension building for the release of Heels season 2, let us embark on a thrilling exploration of the imminent journey that awaits us all.

What Is The Release Date Of Season 2?

Heels season 2 is ready to storm into our lives with a fiery premiere on July 28, 2023, at the exciting hour of 10 PM. Building upon the pulse-racing momentum of its predecessor, this new chapter will adhere to a weekly release format, allowing fans to savor the enthralling saga one captivating episode at a time. 

Though the precise number of attacks remains mysterious, the whispers of anticipation suggest a familiar run of eight installments, promising to immerse viewers in a whirlwind of thrills, surprises, and untamed emotions.

Who Is The Cast Member?

  • Stephen Amell as Jack Spade
  • Alexander Ludwig as Ace Spade
  • Mary McCormack as Willie
  • Mike O’Malley as Charlie
  • Kelli Berglund as Crystal

The Crew:

  • Peter Segal as Director
  • Jessica Lowrey as Director
  • Mike O’Malley as executive producer
  • Peter Segal as executive producer
  • Michael Waldron as executive producer

What Can Happen In This Season?

As the curtains rise on Heels Season 2, the aftermath of the State Fair event continues to resonate throughout the DWL and the energies of the Spade brothers. Jack and Ace are involved in a light dance of ambition, loyalty, and rivalries. Their once unbreakable bond is tested to its limits, and their diverging paths threaten to tear them apart. 

Consumed by his unwavering commitment to the DWL, Jack wrestles with the strain it puts on his relationship with Staci. Meanwhile, Ace yearns for something beyond the confines of their small-town wrestling hype, flirting with the idea of leaving for greener pastures. 

In this season of high-stakes wrestling drama, the ring becomes a battlefield for their dreams as they navigate treacherous alliances, unexpected betrayals, and the unrelenting pressure to succeed. 

The Spade brothers’ captivating journey is interwoven with the compelling rise of Crystal, who, having claimed a shocking victory in the ladder match, essays on self-discovery and change within the DWL as the lines blur between reality and performance. Season 2 promises to deliver an emotional rollercoaster filled with triumphs, sorrows, and the electrifying wonder of skilled wrestling.

Is There Any Trailer Available For This Season?

While the official release of this mesmerizing preview remains veiled in secrecy, whispers from the grapevine suggest that it will likely grace our screens in June 2023, igniting a frenzy of anticipation among fervent fans. 

Drawing upon the established trajectory of its predecessor, which unveiled its gripping trailer a month before the enthralling saga unfolded, it is safe to assume that this forthcoming glance into the heart-pounding drama will leave us on the edge of our seats, fueling our excitement for the imminent arrival of the new episodes. 

“When you’re in the ring, everything else just disappears. All your problems, all your worries. It’s just you and the fight.” 

Wild Bill Hancock

What Do Fans Expect From This Season?

Fans are anticipating a deeper exploration of the complex dynamics between Jack and Ace Spade. They hope to see their character arcs extend, with Jack potentially finding rescue and Ace charting his path outside the DWL. The viewers’ focal point will be the evolution of their relationship and choices.

Wrestling fans are thrilled to witness more jaw-dropping, adrenaline-pumping matches in Heels Season 2. Fans expect larger-than-life bouts, innovative moves, and intense rivalries that push the boundaries of the DWL. They hope to be captivated by thrilling in-ring action showcasing the wrestlers’ athleticism and passion. 

Fans hope to be taken on an emotional rollercoaster with captivating reports that delve into the personal lives and struggles of the characters.


Heels season 2 steps up the game, unleashing a fascinating onslaught of heart-stopping drama and adrenaline-fueled wrestling battles. With a cast of unparalleled talent, riveting storylines entwine the Spade brothers in a web of triumph and turmoil and an electrifying display of in-ring action. 

This series has become a global wonder, trapping the souls of fans far and wide. As the much-anticipated date of July 28, 2023, looms ever closer, anticipation reaches a fever pitch, fans on the edge of their seats, brimming with eagerness to immerse themselves in the intoxicating world of professional wrestling once more.