Silo Season 2 Gets Encouraging Update From Juliette Star After Shocking Cliffhanger Finale

Silo star Rebecca Ferguson, who plays Juliette in the Apple TV+ sci-fi show, offers an optimistic season 2 update after that stunning season 1 ending.

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Silo star Rebecca Ferguson, who plays Juliette, provides an encouraging season 2 update. A sci-fi drama based on the Wool novels by Hugh Howey, Silo is created by Graham Yost. The story unfolds in a dystopian future, focusing on a community that exists in a giant silo extending hundreds of stories underground. While ten thousand people believe they live in a society bound by regulations they believe are meant to protect them, the season 1 cliffhanger casts doubt over everything that happened previously.

In an interview with TVLine, Ferguson shared an update on Silo season 2, and it’s mentioned that the show’s upcoming episodes are currently filming in London — just as season 1 did. Ferguson states that some scripts were already worked on before the ongoing writers’ strike. Read Ferguson’s full quote below:

“We’re doing it! I’m happy it was greenlit. And talking from a producer point of view now, the scripts, everything that we managed to get in place before the [Writers Guild] strike…. People worked really hard, and the fact that they were able to do it with the means that we have was phenomenal. And it’s looking insane.”

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Source: TVLine