Spider-Man’s New Mission Is to Kill Kraven the Hunter

Warning: contains a preview of Amazing Spider-Man #33 & #34, and spoilers for #28!Kraven the Hunter and Spider-Man are reversing their roles, as the Wall-Crawler begins a deadly hunt. Spidey’s longtime rival Kraven the Hunter has resurfaced in his current comic run – right in time for his upcoming movie, where Kraven will be depicted by Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Upon his return, he initially seemed to be forming an alliance with Doctor Octopus. However, their alliance has ended as quickly as it had begun, with Doc Ock striking out on his own. Amazing Spider-Man #28 sees Kraven suddenly betrayed by Doc Ock, however it appears this will not mark the last time audiences will be seeing the Hunter in this series.

In fact, a preview of what’s to come confirms that Kraven will be returning sooner rather than later. Seemingly also returning will be Spider-Man’s black suit, as Peter is seen stalking Kraven from above on the cover of Amazing Spider-Man #33 by Zeb Wells, Patrick Gleason, Marcio Menyz, and Joe Caramagna. The cover art in question – by John Romita Jr, Scott Hanna, and Marcio Menyz – can be seen below, along with the issue’s brief official summary.

Spider-Man’s Black Costume Returns

black suit spider-man hunts Kraven the Hunter

SPIDER-MAN’S FIRST HUNT! The hunter is now the prey. Can Kraven survive?

Amazing Spider-Man #33 is dubbed “Spider-Man’s First Hunt,” where the hunter will become the prey. It’s teased that Kraven will not only be the one hunted by Spidey, but he must “survive,” suggesting Peter has plans to kill his foe. It’s also a clear reference to Kraven’s Last Hunt, where Kraven “killed” Spider-Man, incapacitating him and burying him alive to prove his superiority. Spider-Man’s hunt continues in Amazing Spider-Man #34 – from the same creative team – with a cover from Romita Jr and the issue’s summary below.

Can Spider-Man Be a Killer?

Spider-Man Green Goblin face off

SPIDER-MAN’S HUNT CONTINUES! Who is Peter’s next victim? The penultimate chapter of a story you’ll never forget!

All signs seem to be pointing to the idea that Spider-Man may be on a mission to kill his villains. Readers are still several issues away from seeing how or why Peter would do such a thing. Still, this volume has put Peter on a path of struggle and trauma from the start. Spider-Man has mourned his relationship with Mary-Jane and now mourns the death of Ms. Marvel. It wouldn’t be hard to imagine that he’s finally on the brink of snapping, ending his no-kill code in the process. The darkness overcasting Peter’s life will seemingly be reflected in the return of his black suit, something he usually only brings out when he needs to be at his most ruthless. However, even in his black suit, he’s never resorted to going out of his way to be a killer until now.

What’s also interesting is that the next issue’s cover features Spidey and the Green Goblin. Former Goblin Norman Osborn (now rechristened as the pure-hearted Gold Goblin ever since the Sin-Eater took away his sinful past) has spent this series trying his hardest to stay on the path of righteousness and help Peter succeed. Meanwhile, the synopses for these upcoming issues imply Peter will be straying further than he’s ever gone from such a path. Is this just a mislead for who Peter will hunt after Kraven, or could this story see a heroic Goblin face a predatory Spider-Man? Readers will have to wait and see as Amazing Spider-Man #33 and #34 will release on September 6 and September 20 respectively.