Stephanie Matto Questioned After Claiming U.S. Senator Threatened Her


  • Stephanie Matto, known for her attention-seeking behavior on social media, has claimed that a U.S. senator is harassing her, but her credibility is questionable.
  • Many social media users are skeptical of Stephanie’s story, with some suggesting she may be using it for publicity and others advising her to contact the police if it’s a genuine threat.
  • Stephanie has a history of sharing wild stories on social media to gain attention, making it difficult for her audience to believe her latest claims about the senator.

Stephanie Matto from the 90 Day Fiancé franchise shared her “craziest” story involving a United States senator. The 32-year-old Derby-based model is infamous for her shenanigans on social media. Previously, she triggered social media users by selling fart jars on her website. Sometime after, she auctioned a virtual date online. Stephaine has earned the label for the ultimate reality TV clout chaser. It is believed she can do anything for social media attention. The former 90 Day Fiancé franchise cast member has built an NSFW platform, sold controversial NFTs, collaborated with co-stars, and faked photo edit fails for views.

Stephanie has come up with a bold claim that people should take with a grain of salt. She has accused a U.S. senator of harassing her. The 32-year-old woman revealed her “CRAZIEST story with an unexpected ending.” She said, a US senator that I am dating is going on an absolute freaking rampage against me and threatening me today.”

Stephanie disclosed that the senator guy got angry after she made a TikTok about him. She added, “he’s like threatening me on Unfiltrd. I’m still ghosting him. I am still letting him spend money on sending me messages.” The controversial 90 Day Fiancé franchise star claimed that the guy’s last message to her was, watch your back. PS I miss you.”

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90 Day Fiancé’s Stephanie Matto Defends Publicly Telling Story

Stephanie Matto from 90 Day Fiancé

Users on social media were utterly confused about Stephanie’s story. Some believed she used it to market her app, while others thought she was telling the truth. However, most people wondered why she disclosed private matters publicly. A social media user wrote, “this is a great way to tank your business when subscribers think the content creators might expose them.” The fan told the reality star to contact the police if it was a genuine threat. Stephanie responded to the comment in her post. She wrote, “would never expose a fan unless they were threatening or endangering me.”

Stephanie has become like the main character of the old fable, “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.” She has fibbed to her followers so often that people have a difficult time believing her words. She has also previously admitted to chasing clout, which makes her even less credible. In 2022, Stephanie answered some of her fans in a Q&A session and revealed why she likes attention. She shared that she grew up without a lot of money, which turned her into an opportunity seeker. She said, “people call me a clout chaser. Maybe I am.”

The U.S. senator incident isn’t the first wild story Stephanie has shared on her social media. In 2022, she talked about a scary bear encounter on Instagram and posted pictures of a thick grizzly. Her post scared everyone and gave her a lot of attention. Before that, she teased her new boyfriend on social media and didn’t reveal his face. She shared wild stories about her first time with the man, keeping viewers hooked. Over the years, Stephanie has learned how to stay in the limelight. Therefore, it’s hard for 90 Day Fiancé viewers to think her latest story is real.

Source: Stephanie Matto/Instagram