The Best Level For Iron In 2023

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With every major Minecraft update, the levels where Iron Ore can be found change, and with the latest 1.20 update, you should know the new location. While Iron Ore can also be found on the surface, it is found in higher numbers underground.

Iron Ore is now more commonly found between Y Levels -64 and 320. This is an extremely wide range since Iron can now also be found in Mountains and overworld caves. Iron Ore is abundantly available between Y Levels 15 and 232. However, there are a few areas where Iro Ores are very scarce.

Minecraft Iron Levels to Avoid (& Check) In 1.20

A large mountain in Minecraft with Iron Ore inside

​​​One area where Iron Ore will not generate in Minecraft 1.20 is levels Y: 73 to Y: 79, although it is unlikely many players will be searching such an elevation for Iron anyway. On the other hand, Iron oddly does have another triangular distribution that exists in the sky. In other words, if players discover a tall mountain reaching a height of Y: 232 or higher, there’s a significantly increased possibility they will encounter a large amount of Iron Ore.

While Y: 232 or higher isn’t the best Iron level in Minecraft 1.19, it is good to keep in mind that Iron can be found there, especially if players are actively trying to build their base in mountain biomes.

Iron Uses In Minecraft 1.20An image of an Iron Mine in Minecraft

Iron is used to upgrade basic tools and weapons in Minecraft that you may have created at the beginning of your adventure. Iron Ingots are used for crafting essential tools that will make tasks such as cutting down trees or mining ores faster. You can also use Iron to trade with Villagers to get other rare items, such as an Enchantment book or other valuable resources. Since Iron is an essential resource, it is also used to craft other items, such as a Bucket or an Anvil, which can be used to repair weapons, amongst many other uses:

Iron Axe

Iron Pickaxe

Iron Shovel

Iron Shield

Iron Boots

Iron Helmet

Iron Chest Piece

Iron Hoe

Iron Pants

Activator Rail


Iron Block






Detector Rail

Pressure Plate

Flint & Steel





Smithing Table


Iron Gollem

Looking to farm Iron in Minecraft to make sure enough is on hand for any building project? Check out the Voltrox video below for a great, easy way to make an iron farm in Minecraft.

Minecraft’s Iron is an incredibly common crafting material used for making a wide assortment of items, tools, structures, and armor. Because of this, Iron will likely be one of the most oft-needed materials for Survival Mode players, so being able to find the best Y level to farm Iron in Minecraft successfully is a very important skill to have.

Source: Youtube/Minecraft & Chill, Youtube/Voltrox

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