The Boys’ Most Infamous Episode Means Season 4 Will Definitely Be Worse Than The Ant-Man Scene


  • The opening scene of The Boys season 3 sets a high bar for shock value, as it parodies an Ant-Man and Thanos meme with a disturbing and gory moment.
  • The Herogasm episode in season 3 was relatively tame compared to expectations, suggesting that The Boys still has room to explore more graphic and disturbing content in future episodes.
  • With the opportunity to revisit Herogasm and the upcoming trial of Homelander in season 4, The Boys may become even more outrageous than before.

It feels like The Boys gets more graphic with each season, and the Prime Video series’ most infamous episode suggests season 4 will find a way to top season 3’s Ant-Man parody. Adapted from Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s comic series of the same name, The Boys prides itself on its ability to showcase the darkest parts of human nature without holding back. It also pokes fun at popular superhero stories from Marvel and DC. The Boys combines those talents during its season 3 premiere.

The opening moments of The Boys season 3 recreates an Ant-Man and Thanos meme that surfaced ahead of Avengers: Endgame. Marvel fans joked that Ant-Man could stop Thanos by shrinking himself, entering the villain’s butt, and then making himself super large. The Boys parodies this concept, with a size-changing Supe running into another man’s penis and exploding. It’s a disturbing and gory scene that kicks off The Boys season 3 in the best possible way. However, it raises questions about whether The Boys season 4 can top this moment. The show’s most infamous episode suggests it will.

Herogasm Proves The Boys Season 4 Still Hasn’t Found Its “Gross” Ceiling

The boys season 3 herogasm

Although The Boys shocked viewers with the third season’s opening scene, the series failed to do so during its most infamous episode. The third outing tackles the “Herogasm” event from The Boys comics, which sees a party full of Supes engaging in a giant orgy. When The Boys creators revealed they’d be covering Herogasm in season 3, fans expected plenty of debauchery. However, the show’s take on the iconic event was relatively tame.

The Boys season 3’s Herogasm episode was super disappointing, and that means the Prime Video adaptation hasn’t found its “gross” ceiling just yet. There’s certainly more the show can do with this annual orgy. Given the strange powers that many of the Supes possess, things can get much more disturbing than the Ant-Man parody. The show can ramp up Herogasm’s graphic nature by letting it unfold without a major fight distracting viewers. It can also put its main characters in more uncomfortable situations, as most of them emerged from season 3’s Herogasm unscathed.

The Boys Will Want To Redeem Itself After Herogasm’s Disappointment

The Boys Supes Missing Herogasm

After a disappointing Herogasm, The Boys will likely want to redeem itself in season 4. After all, the show is known for its wild and graphic scenes, and the writers will want to outdo their previous installments. That’s especially true when it comes to Herogasm, which should have topped The Boys season 3’s opening in terms of shock value. Fortunately, Herogasm is an annual event. Therefore, the series will get the chance to revisit it. With Homelander on trial in The Boys season 4, it can also take its political commentary further than before. Needless to say, The Boys season 4 may be the show’s most outrageous outing yet.