Tony Padron’s Weight Loss Transformation In Photos

Tony Padron wasn’t a fan favorite at when he first appeared on Sister Wives, especially since he came across as lazy, but he has since turned over a new leaf. The husband of Mykelti Brown had a lot to live up to since Kody Brown never thought he was good enough for his daughter. Over the years, Tony has redeemed himself and is now taking pride in his physical appearance by losing weight.

Tony is one of three sons-in-law to Kody and hasn’t always been known as the perfect husband to Mykelti. When Tony was first introduced on Sister Wives, he came across as rude and arrogant. However, he was praised for always standing up to Kody. One strike against Tony was that he was raised in a strict Catholic family but converted to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints when he was 17. The spiritual journey is what first connected him to Mykelti. Even though there was some resistance, Kody and the rest of the family eventually came around.

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Tony Shapes Up

Tony is looking better than ever and has taken some time to work on himself. In a new Instagram photo, Tony was smiling proudly after a hike, wearing a purple tie-dye shirt. Tony can now also carry his twin sons in their backpacks as he takes a family stroll. The Sister Wives star’s face seemed slimmer, and overall, he looks healthier.

Tony Wanted To Feel Healthier

Tony Padron on Sister Wives.

For years Tony and Mykelti were trying to get their act together, but with three children and a move changing their lifestyle seemed hard. The couple put most of their energy into their children and didn’t seem to worry about themselves. Now that they have help from Christine Brown, it looks like Tony and his wife can take a bit more time to exercise and organize their meals.

Tony Gained Baby Weight Too

Tony often looked haggard as he was helping his wife through her pregnancy. The Sister Wives star had let his curly hair grow long and didn’t keep up with his mane. He also wore baggy clothes that didn’t fit his body type. Even though his hair is still long, Tony has now pulled it back and brushed it to highlight his recent weight loss.

Source: Tony Pardon/Instagram