Top 9 Best Gaming Mouse Under 5000 In India 2023 – Complete Guide

Top 9 Best Gaming Mouse Under 5000: Assuming you have lowered yourself in the gaming scene, you fathom the value of each and every part of your gaming arrangement. You want to comprehend the benefits of possessing a tip top gaming mouse, which can be a fundamental thing in your armory of apparatuses assuming that you’re utilizing the greatest gaming console.

Raised responsiveness and control isolates a gaming mouse from a customary work area mouse. In any case, these qualifications might appear to be minor. A gaming mouse is easy to work on top of a standard one, yet it adjusts most well in the possession of a high level gamer.

Top 9 Best Gaming Mouse Under 5000 2023

The benefits include helping gaming abilities, offering seriously fulfilling gaming environmental elements, and being incredibly significant for occasions including cutthroat gaming. A sufficient gaming mouse should be bought for a gaming arrangement to be viewed as complete.

These factors elevated us to assemble a stock of the best gaming mouse under 5000 in India 2023 available. These mouse models have all been carefully examined and tried, and they continually supply a prevalent gaming experience.

Top 9 Best Gaming Mouse Under 5000 2023

Top 9 Best Gaming Mouse Under 5000 Details

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List Of The 9 Best Gaming Mouse Under 5000

On the off chance that you are anticipating purchasing the Best Gaming Mouse Under 5000, the determination displayed beneath offers a lot of remarkable choices to meet your prerequisites.

1. SteelSeries Rival 3 Wireless Gaming Mouse

SteelSeries Rival 3 Wireless Gaming Mouse

With SteelSeries Opponent 3 Remote Gaming Mouse, you have the decision to use this mouse by matching by means of Bluetooth 5.0 or 2.4 GHz, both of which is great for utilization in gaming. The 2.4 GHz association utilizes Quantum 2.0 innovation, which successfully delivers it arise as responsive as a customary mouse. Thus, there aren’t any slack inconveniences by means of this association.

Its True Move Air optical gaming locator, which is identical in execution to the unmistakable PixArt 3369 sensor, has been celebrated for its exactness. This finder slices the inactivity to an inadequate level, which is intriguing for a remote mouse. It can lead observing at up to 400 inches each second and can persevere through velocities of up to 40 Gs. Assuming you’re fussy about DPI sceneries, you’ll love to discover that you can modify it however you would prefer, with a furthest restriction of 18,000 DPI, all through viable programming. The surveying rate is set at a lightning-quick 1000 Hz.

How about we presently gauge battery duration. As indicated by SteelSeries, this mouse might endure over 400 hours, which is shocking for a remote gadget. In spite of the fact that using it in Bluetooth or high-proficiency mode would be reasonable to get that enormous worth, it’s as yet a pivotal measurement to note. It weighs 106 grams when the two batteries have been full, so that is about fitting. You even have the decision to eliminate one battery, bringing the load down to 96 grams on the off chance that weight is your essential concern. The form quality is very astonishing, and the smooth matte layer gives it a top notch look and feel. This mouse is surely a hero under the rundown of best gaming mouse under 5000.


  • Prolonged power-efficient use with a battery life of more than 400 hours.
  • Dual connectivity choices feature Bluetooth 5.0’s flexibility and gaming-grade 2.4 GHz.
  • Ultra-low latency wireless version equal to conventional connections.
  • The TrueMove Air optical gaming sensor bears pixel-perfect accuracy.
  • Made with highly durable materials, such as solid polymer and switches, for long-term usage.

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2. HyperX Pulsefire FPS Pro USB Gaming Mouse

HyperX Pulsefire FPS Pro USB Gaming Mouse

Serious gamers are careful that being stale implies that they are just an obstruction for the people who are pushing forward. Your game hardware follows a similar methodology. With the HyperX Pulsefire FPS Pro RGB Gaming Mouse, you can commend your gaming experience while moreover working on your accuracy for pounding any adversaries. It does this by adding a touch of RGB energy to your gaming console.

With no need for equipment speed increase, the Pulsefire FPS Pro top-level Pixart 3389 sensor is fit for recording up to 16,000 DPI. This commitments valid and relentless following, offering you an edge in your chances before your enemies get an opportunity to counterattack. The down to earth state of the mouse is deliberately made to serenely suit your hand and limit sliding, which is especially critical when endurance is on the line.

The way to achievement is change, which the Pulsefire FPS Pro offers. With the guide of the easy to use HyperX NGENUITY programming, you might tweak the six programmable buttons to suit your expectation. You can rapidly change between arrangements by setting your modified inclinations straightforwardly to the mouse’s inbuilt memory. Omron controls offer material input, it is solidly enrolled to ensure each snap.

The extra-huge skates convey an upstanding reason for controlled and smooth skating, making getting an around the game area easy. This mouse adjusts without a hitch, whether you really want accuracy following or quick flicks. Furthermore, the style are fabulous, as would be envisioned from a HyperX item. An intriguing RGB strip that circles the mouse’s body gives it a contemporary look. Because of its heavenly form quality and eye-getting RGB lighting, the HyperX Pulsefire FPS Pro is one of the most outstanding gaming mouse under 5000.


  • The admirable Pixart 3389 sensor provides rapid, smooth tracking without hardware acceleration.
  • The main 2 buttons have durable Omron switches that provide an evident sense of touch.
  • The power to alter RGB lighting and DPI settings and generate macros.
  • Simpler customization is made feasible by the HyperX NGENUITY program.
  • Onboard memory allows for customization hold.
  • Large mouse skates that allow for smooth, steady skating.

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3. Logitech G502 Hero Wired Gaming Mouse

Logitech G502 Hero Wired Gaming Mouse

For various years, the Logitech G502 Hero has been the exemplary carrier available, and Logitech has over and again changed it to yield with guidelines. With following paces of up to 400 inches each second and pinnacle movements of 40 Gs, the latest Hero 25K processor has marvelous potential. Albeit some could find the top DPI given by this processor to be expanded, at 25,600, it actually harbors appreciation among purchasers. The G502 Hero conveys its weight of 121 grams notwithstanding a propensity towards a lighter mouse, with the opportunity to add a further 18 grams for the people who like a more powerful feel.

The G502 Hero is painstakingly created, and it has a precise comprise that stresses solace all through delayed use while adding to feel. Elastic grasps situated on the mouse’s sides give it a top notch feel and enhance hold generally speaking. As to way it works, the G502 Hero has 12 programmable controls that are quick to set up with the guide of its viable programming. The very much respected Hero processor vows first class gaming execution.

In spite of having countless switches, they are undeniably organized such that makes them available and unequivocal to utilize, taking out any possible wreck. Intriguingly, the mouse has a unique parchment wheel with double use. It tends to be transformed into a freewheel for quick looking with the flip of a button; turning it back to material looking over cultivates flexibility in games.

This mouse benefits from perhaps of the most current plan accessible today, which permits an extensive variety of customization open doors. It very well may be controlled through the Logitech G-Center programming. This is a top-level gaming mouse that has gotten better over the long run. Many individuals would consider this item as the incomparable illustration of the best gaming mouse under 5000.


  • It boasts an innovative optical sensor that equips the best possible level of tracking fidelity.
  • Achieves outstanding 400+ inches per second (IPS) performance between 100 and 25,600 DPI with no acceleration, smoothing, or filtering.
  • The 11 controls can each have an alternate set of customized commands and macros assigned to them.
  • With quick DPI shifting between high and low sensitivity, you could boost your gaming skills.

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4. Razer Viper Mini Ultralight Gaming Mouse

Razer Viper Mini Ultralight Gaming Mouse

The following item on our rundown of the Best Gaming Mouse Under 5000 rupees is one that, notwithstanding being moderately late looked like other market rivals, and has an extraordinary spot in the spirits of gamers. Our next prospect, the Razer Viper Mini than normal, has prevailed with regards to becoming well known among modest and the Best Gaming Mouse Under 5000.

This mouse’s unimaginably reduced size is quite possibly of its most luxurious characteristic. The Viper Mini than expected weighs only 61 grams and embraces a more normal plan philosophy, evading the honeycomb configuration pattern. This more modest variety, which follows its better quality and bigger partner, the Razer Viper, has gone through perceptible alterations to accommodate our more reasonable choice.

The Viper Mini gives a satisfying snap and is sure to endure up to 50 million ticks by utilizing Razer optical mouse switches. The Viper Small is for sure minimal in size, satisfying its name. This little size is great for those with little to medium hands and performs well for individuals who like a more tight hold. Bigger gave individuals, in any case, could find utilizing it somewhat off-kilter.

The PixArt PMW-3359 sensor, a proficient entertainer at its cost range, lives inside the mouse. Regardless of not being a vital piece of PixArt’s top arrangement, it performs splendidly. It can follow speeds up to 300 inches each second and speed increases up to 35 Gs and commitments a low snap inertness and a most extreme surveying pace of 1000 Hz. Six programmable buttons on the mouse are promptly programmable using proper programming, managing the cost of a great many opportunities for customization.

Razer’s “Speedflex” link, a 1.9-meter interlaced link, unites adaptability and erosion free development. Those looking for a gaming mouse with strong execution and little to medium-sized hands should seriously mull over the Razer Viper Mini than usual as an all encompassing choice.


  • This gaming mouse’s controls react in 0.2 milliseconds, which is the quickest in the industry.
  • The mouse contains two side buttons on its left and one next to the scroll wheel, and it can be fully customized with Razer Synapse 3.

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5. ASUS ROG Strix Impact II Moonlight Gaming Mouse

ASUS ROG Strix Impact II Moonlight Gaming Mouse

One of the Most incredible Gaming Mouse Under 5000, the Asus Rog Strix Impact II Gaming Mouse stands apart as a dynamite pick. It is a charming choice since it consolidates extraordinary execution with a weightless plan.

Your functioning experience is improve by its agreeable shape and light weight of only 79 grams. Moreover, its precision is noteworthy. For the people who are partial to playing computer games, the mouse’s remarkable attachment configuration furnishes it with a more elegant appeal. Considering this, it reverberates particularly with proficient gamers wanting for both pizazz and power.

The mouse includes a 6,200 DPI sensor, which outperforms the bar for delicacy and style. Its responsiveness is surprisingly high and its DPI is configurable across four levels, ensuring outstanding quality. The sensor’s awareness gets far superior by following at up to 220 inches each second. The twilight white variety gives it a striking look and assists with further developing its visual allure when contrasted with other mouse models in its cost range.

The dazzling push-fit switch connector configuration is a remarkable property that reinforces the mouse’s versatility as well as its life expectancy. All in all, the Asus Rog Strix Impact II Gaming Mouse is serious areas of strength for a for both beginner and ace gamers since it consolidates the two feel and capability.


  • Includes swivel buttons, which are back up by a supple rubber cable that makes clicks smoother and ensures flawless gaming.
  • It gives you the power to personalize your games while honing your gaming skills thanks to its five adjustable buttons.

6. Corsair M65 Elite Gaming Mouse

Corsair M65 Elite Gaming Mouse

CORSAIR’s best first-individual shooter gaming mouse to date is the M65 RGB Tip top. This mouse has a prevalent, versatile aluminum structure that has been use in its show. Since it is extreme and solid, this mouse will work impeccably for a long time. With a customized change that matches your play style, it likewise includes an optical locator with 18000 DPI.

One of the most amazing gaming mouse under 5000 rupees is this one considering it is so lightweight and has so many top of the line characteristics. You may totally change the degree of awareness you want during your furious ongoing interaction. The focal point of gravity of Tip top can be changed to suit your degree of solace and hold.


  • Includes swivel buttons, which are back up by a bendy rubber cable that makes clicks smoother and ensures immaculate gaming.
  • It gives you the power to personalize your games while honing your gaming skills thanks to its five adjustable buttons.

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7. Steel Series Sensei Ten Gaming Mouse

Steel Series Sensei Ten Gaming Mouse

This SteelSeries mouse is wonderful since it very well may be use by both left-and right-gave gamers, making it versatile and adapting for anyone.

With buttons on the two sides of its male/female plan, it provides clients with a sum of 8 modifiable buttons when utilized with the proper programming. Furthermore, the mouse has underlying memory that can set aside to 5 DPI and surveying rates. This implies that each time you interface it to an alternate PC, you won’t have to reproduce your customization. This new Sensei Ten highlights a matte completion instead of the metallic surface covering of the ancestor.

With a load of almost 92 grams, the mouse is perceive as exceptionally lightweight. SteelSeries has capably kept the weight negligible without taking on a plan with many spaces in the body, a construction inclination that we appreciate. The mouse is fitted with an astounding TrueMove Pro sensor under. This sensor has a greatest speed increase of 40 Gs and can follow speed of up to 400 inches each second. The mouse has a more than adequate degree of responsiveness with an ideal DPI of 18,000 and a surveying pace of up to 1000 Hz. Utilizing the going with programming, you might change this DPI setting.

Furthermore, the TrueMove Pro sensor outfits an attractive capability known as “Slant Following.” During extreme gaming meetings, this part keeps consistent and precise following in any event, when you move the mouse quick. The SteelSeries Sensei Ten is the Best Gaming Mouse Under 5000 with an outstanding sensor that offers fabulous execution.


  • TrueMove Pro sensor, completely new, delivers the best tracking on any texture.
  • During strenuous games, tilt tracking offers avant stabilization.
  • 60 million clicks of assured crispness and uniformity.
  • Created with superior strength to withstand the harshest use.

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8. HP OMEN Reactor Gaming Mouse

HP OMEN Reactor Gaming Mouse

To connect with capable gamers, HP as of late divulged the OMEN Reactor gaming mouse. With an eSports-grade 16000 DPI optical sensor, this gaming mouse offers the speed and accuracy you longing for gaming and innovative creation. It promises brief and exact movements with a stunning 400 IPS and 50g speed increase.

Its cutting edge optical-mechanical controls, which gloat an extraordinarily speedy snap reaction season of 0.2ms — multiple times quicker than standard mechanical mouse flicks — put it aside. This innovation significantly improves the presentation by focusing on light bar discovery.

Personalization assumes a part since you might redo the mouse to accommodate your inclinations. With a lot of lighting settings and up to 16.8 million variety blends, the OMEN Command Centre allows you to devise a remarkable arrangement that supplements your own style. The mouse likewise has an unprecedented metal USB development that provides it with a bit of refinement. The 6.5-foot link’s solidarity ensures a lifetime, and the general plan stresses customization and speed.

The OMEN Reactor gaming mouse stands apart as one of the Best Gaming Mouse Under 5000 for players searching for better gaming execution without breaking over financial plan.


  • eSports-grade 16,000 DPI optical sensor, delivering good speed and precision for your gaming needs.
  • The pioneering metal USB cable technique sets a new benchmark, securing a tangle-free and stable connection that stands the test of time.
  • Up to 16.8 million color possibilities from the Omen Command Application.
  • Right-handed shape and dedicate thumb rest, design for your utmost comfort.

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9. Razer Mamba Elite Wired Gaming Mouse

Razer Mamba Elite Wired Gaming Mouse

For the individuals who are searching for the Best Gaming Mouse Under 5000, the Mamba World class stands apart as a great trade for the gaming mouse series made accessible by Razer. With 9 adaptable buttons and Chroma RGB luminance, this gaming mouse stands apart from the remainder of the gaming mouses.

Accuracy and responsiveness have been guarantee by its 16000 DPI and 5G capable optical sensor. Its adaptability is additionally help by its consideration of 9 independently programmable Hyperesponse controls. It has been dependable longer, with a shell that is evaluated for 50 million ticks. It is inexplicably light — just 96 grams — and agreeable for extended gaming meetings.

Its side holds include an ergonomic plan that diminishes finger and palm weariness. All there are a couple of gaming mouse that can rival this one, considering its viability. It is among the best in its group and gives an enormous arrangement to the cash.


  • Features a Hybrid On-Board Memory and Cloud Storage assortment, allowing for suitable hold of up to 5 profiles.
  • Equipped with a 5G impressive Optical Sensor boasting 16,000 DPI sharpness.
  • Allows quick tracking at speeds of up to 450 inches per second (IPS) and can control acceleration of up to 50g.

How To Pick The Best Gaming Mouse Under 5000?

At the point when you’re on the pursuit for the Best Gaming Mouse Under 5000 rupees in India, the beneath unambiguous components can enormously further develop your gaming adventure:

Good Connectivity:

Most importantly, center around a mouse that flaunts a 2.4G association. This part guarantees simple information move, solid network, and a responsive reaction rate.

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Mouse Grip And Design:

Continuing on, the mouse’s hold style and body configuration assume a key part. Select a mouse plan that finishes your ideal hold style, whether paw or palm. This part especially influences your straightforwardness and power during gaming meetings. Besides, in the event that you’re a left-given client, decide on an able to use both hands mouse with controllers on the two sides, considering a level construction.

Higher Or Lower DPI:

While the sensor quality, greatest DPI (spots per inch), and switch kind are likewise worth with respect to, they fall into the optional kind of traits.


Assume you have under 5000 rupees to spend. All things consider, numerous decisions available are jam-loaded with components like modified buttons, flexible DPI, RGB enlightenment, and an agreeable arrangement. You can pick which gaming mouse is best for you by assessing how you handle the mouse, the kind of sensor it works, and the amount you can change its settings.

Albeit more helpful, gaming mouse might have different speedy reaction times than their associated counterparts. You are presently prepared to start searching for the Best Gaming Mouse Under 5000 rupees in India, outfitted with the very best ones we take care of here.

Top 9 Best Gaming Mouse Under 5000 2023 FAQ’S

What Distinguishes A Gaming Mouse From A Standard Mouse?

A gaming mouse has programmable buttons, increased sensitivity, and quick response rates. In contrast, a standard mouse is more fitted for routine duties like browsing, job, and light gaming.

What Does DPI Mean?

DPI (dots per linear inch) is the actual unit of measurement for mouse sensitivity. It exhibits that a mouse with a more elevated DPI is more sensitive and will therefore move the pointer more quickly.

What Number Of Buttons Ought A Gaming Mouse To Have?

A gaming mouse should generally include at least five buttons. Most of the gaming mouse listed above have 7-8 programmable switches.

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