Where Is Big Brother 6 Pressure Cooker Winner Jennifer Vasquez Now?

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  • Jennifer Vasquez, a former Big Brother 6 houseguest, made history by winning the Pressure Cooker competition after 14 hours.
  • Jennifer faced backlash and personal attacks online for backdooring fellow contestant Kaysar Ridha, but she has no regrets and considers it just a game.
  • Jennifer is now married with two children, works as a teacher, and is active on social media, sharing updates about her family and career.

Big Brother 6 houseguest Jennifer Vasquez made history on the show in 2005 when she won the Pressure Cooker competition after a record-setting 14 hours, and, now that the competition has returned for Big Brother 25, it’s time to find out what she’s been up to. Jennifer was 27 years old and an arena football league dancer from Plano, Texas when she appeared on Big Brother 6. She was a member of The Friendship alliance, along with Ivette Corredero, Beau Beasley, April Lewis, Eric Littmann, and eventual winner Maggie Ausburn.

Just before the Big Brother 6 Pressure Cooker competition, Kaysar Ridha had reentered the game after being voted back in by America. He was determined to win the HOH and achieve the goal of evicting James Rhine. After almost 14 hours, Kaysar decided to trust Jennifer when she promised to nominate James and keep Kaysar safe if she won. In the end, Jennifer went back on her word and backdoored Kaysar. It was one of the most shocking moments in Big Brother history that Jennifer will always be remembered for. Here’s what she’s been up to since the show.

Kaysar Fans Personally Attacked Jennifer

On The Exclusive podcast with Sharon Tharp, Jennifer reunited with her fellow Big Brother 6 houseguests who played in the Pressure Cooker competition, including Kaysar, James, Ivette, April, Beau, and Rachel Plecner. Howie Gordon, who hosted the competition because he was the outgoing HOH and ineligible to play, also appeared on the podcast. The houseguests reminisced about their time on the show, specifically focused on the Pressure Cooker competition, and how it played out. Jennifer’s betrayal was one of the focal points of the conversation.

Jennifer stated that she had no regrets about going back on her word to Kaysar even though she was evicted the following week because Janelle Pierzina, who was in the opposing alliance, won the HOH competition. She said that it was “just a game,” and her “life went on,” and she’s still happy and successful. Jennifer shared that she came to play in competitions, and was not going to give up in the Pressure Cooker no matter what. When Kaysar joined the podcast, he spoke about Jennifer’s choice, saying that he was partly to blame. Kaysar admitted that he wasn’t simply betrayed, but that he also overplayed his hand.

Jennifer also revealed that she received a lot of hate on the Internet after she went against America’s wishes and had Kaysar evicted the week after the public voted him back in. She confessed that because people say things anonymously on the Internet, “My life was pretty bad afterwards.” Jennifer added that the haters might think that they won, but her mom received a 10-page letter telling her how horrible she was for raising her and what a terrible person Jennifer was.

The backlash continued when Jennifer was fired from her job because people sent anonymous letters to her place of work telling them that she was a bad role model, and shouldn’t be teaching children or be around them. She admitted that she was scared to leave her house. Jennifer revealed that her dad flew to Los Angeles to get her because he thought that someone was going to harm her at the airport.

Jennifer also shared that, because the Pressure Cooker competition is coming up again on Big Brother 25, she’s getting renwed hate on the Internet, especially from diehard Kaysar and Janelle fans. Her fellow cast members rallied around her, and told her that they didn’t realize what she went through. Kaysar said that he appreciated the love that his fans give, but he asked them to please not threaten anybody because it’s inappropriate. He said, “If you feel like you’re standing on the side of good, then act good. Be a good person.” Kaysar told Big Brother fans to “try to be kind.”

Jennifer Got Married & Has Children

Jennifer is now 45 years old. On The Exclusive podcast, she shared that she is married and the mother of two boys. In a June 2023 Instagram post, Jennifer shared that she met her husband six years ago, and he treats her boys like they’re his own. In a July 2023 post, Jennifer celebrated their third wedding anniversary with a post in honor of the day. Jennifer is the mother of two sons from a previous relationship. They are 12 years old and 9 years old. Jennifer’s married name is Jennifer Hinch.

Jennifer Became A Teacher

Jennifer was an arena football league dancer for the Dallas Desperados when she was on Big Brother 6. Since then, she became a teacher. In her Instagram bio, Jennifer shared that she has been a teacher for 17 years. She now teaches art. Jennifer’s TikTok account has many funny videos about teaching, and it’s obvious that she loves the profession.

Jennifer is active on Instagram and can be found at @hinched2020. Her page has posts about her family and career. Jennifer also has some recent posts about Big Brother 6, including a scrapbook from 2005 of photographs of her and the cast in honor of the return of the Pressure Cooker. She also has a section devoted to Instagram stories about Big Brother 6.

Jennifer also has a very active TikTok account at @officialjenniferroxanne. Her TikTok account contains many hilarious videos about being a teacher and her everyday life. Jennifer stars in each video, and showcases her funny personality. In some of them she lip synchs to famous soundbites, while in others, she uses her own voice to create original content.

Although the Pressure Cooker was the only Big Brother 6 competition that Jennifer won, she’s one of the most memorable houseguests because of how focused she was to win. She pulled off one of the biggest upsets in the history of the show. Although some might view Jennifer’s move as too cutthroat, Big Brother is a game, and she did what she had to do to try to win the grand prize. Jennifer didn’t deserve all of the hate that she experienced when she left the house. It’s wonderful to see how she’s moved past the show and how well she’s doing in her life today.

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