Where To Watch Megan Is Missing

We’ve cracked the case: Here is where to watch Megan Is Missing online.

While found footage horror movies had previously been attempted with the likes of Cannibal Holocaust, it was The Blair Witch Project that really popularized the format. One of the most controversial found footage movies to have emerged in the 2010s is Megan Is Missing. Director Michael Goi based this horror thriller on horrifying, real-life child abduction cases, with the movie centering on teenage best friends Megan and Amy. When Megan goes missing after interacting with a stranger online, Amy is determined to find out what happened, which leads to some incredibly upsetting reveals.

Goi, who frequently served as the cinematographer of American Horror Story, purposely intended Megan Is Missing to be genuinely disturbing. He wanted the film to be a warning to parents to be aware of their children’s interactions online and to protect them against internet predators, something that is all too relevant in today’s day and age. For some, Megan Is Missing, with a planned remake that never happened, achieved its goal far too well, and it has been accused of being exploitive, so much so that the film was also banned in New Zealand.

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Where To Watch Megan Is Missing

Unfortunately, at this time, there is nowhere to stream Megan is Missing. However, Megan Is Missing is available to rent or purchase from prices starting at $3.79 on YouTube, Vudu, Amazon Video, Google Play, and Microsoft. While Megan Is Missing received a very mixed reception upon release, it’s often compared to other extreme horror movies like The Human Centipede or A Serbian Film, which set out to push boundaries and leave viewers shaken.

While the answer to where to watch Megan is Missing isn’t a streaming service, it hasn’t stopped it from being seen. Megan Is Missing became a viral hit in 2020 when TikTok users shared their reactions to the film. This led to a resurgence for the movie, which had slipped somewhat into obscurity following its initial release. Goi, himself, was glad to see the film was still affecting audiences, though, at the height of its viral fame, he did issue trigger warnings for potential viewers. He also revealed that while he had considered a sequel to Megan Is Missing, he could not pinpoint a strong enough angle for one.

Is Megan Is Missing Worth Watching?

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While Megan is Missing isn’t on Netflix or any other streaming service, the fact that where to watch Megan is Missing only includes rentals shouldn’t deter audiences. While the question “is Megan is Missing worth watching?”, due to its graphic violence and disturbing content, is a fair query, the answer depends on what audiences are prepared for. For those with a strong constitution, Megan is Missing is a suspenseful and horrific story that uses new actors and a minimal budget to its advantage. Goi purposely tried to create as much realism with his minimal crew to make the film as harrowing as possible — and he succeeded in that endeavor. With its hyperrealism, however, it can be a very triggering watch for some. Megan is Missing certainly isn’t a rewatchable movie, but if you can stomach it, it serves as a valuable, cautionary tale.

Related: 10 Terrifying Movies That Use Technology As A Scare TacticWhile the movie can serve as an important warning for parents and teenagers, it certainly received its fair share of controversy due to the fact that Goi used real teenagers to film scenes of graphic sexual abuse and torture. Despite being based on real cases and the founder of KlaasKids Foundation Mark Klaas endorsing the film, its sequences and story are inherently brutal and Goi doesn’t shy away when depicting various horrors committed against the teens. This is possibly why where to watch Megan is Missing is so limited, and why Megan is Missing isn’t on Hulu or another streaming service. The ending of Megan is Missing is incredibly gruesome, and the overall shock value that the film holds is why it has seen such virality.

What’s The Cheapest Way To Watch Megan Is Missing?

Megan Is Missing is one of those movies that you may not be able to get all the way through, due to its graphic nature. For this reason, it makes sense that you might be wondering what the cheapest place to stream the movie is so that you can try it out without committing a large amount of money. The answer to this query is that it is cheapest to rent it on Prime Video for $3.79. It is only 20 cents more, however, to rent it on Microsoft, YouTube, Vudu, or Google Play.

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