Where Was Netflix’s Ragnarok Filmed? Norway Filming Locations Explained


  • Ragnarok is a Norwegian show on Netflix that brings Nordic mythology to modern-day Norway, following a teenage boy named Magne who learns he is the reincarnation of Thor and must fight against other Nordic gods causing an environmental crisis.
  • Ragnarok stands out from other mythology-based shows by using lesser-known actors and focusing on Nordic mythology rather than Greek or Roman. The show’s setting in Odda, Norway strikes a balance between realism and fantasy, with industrial elements grounding the show and vast landscapes adding an extraordinary feel.
  • The real town of Odda, Norway serves as the filming location for the fictional town of Edda, offering beautiful mountains, fjords, and hiking trails that bring an authentic Scandinavian Peninsula atmosphere. The show also incorporates real landmarks, connecting the reincarnated gods to the Norwegian environment.

The fantasy drama Ragnarok filmed in Norway, making use of multiple landscapes. Ragnarok is a Norweigan show streaming on Netflix that brings Nordic mythology into modern-day Norway. When a teenage boy named Magne starts exhibiting supernatural powers, he learns that he’s the reincarnation of the god Thor. In order to save his town, he must fight against the other Nordic gods causing Edda’s environmental crisis. Ragnarok is a well-written, fast-paced show that can draw in the most skeptical viewers.

Many elements set this series apart from other mythology-based TV shows and movies. Ragnarok is packed with interesting characters played by lesser-known actors. Additionally, the show pulls from Nordic mythology rather than the better-known Greek and Roman mythos. While Nordic gods have become of interest due to the MCU, they still aren’t integrated as often. Additionally, Ragnarok‘s setting takes the show from good to great. The town of Edda walks the line between realism and fantasy. The buildings and industrial elements ground the show while the vast landscapes make it feel extraordinary.

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Odda, Norway

Magne and his brother walk through a graveyard in Edda.

The fictional town of Edda is modeled around the real Odda, Norway—Ragnarok‘s primary filming location according to IMDb. According to Routes North, Odda, Norway is a little town nestled on the end of the Søfjorden at the base of multiple snow-capped mountains. It’s known for being the home to one of Norway’s first hydroelectric power stations, a fact that’s used in Ragnarok. Viewers can see Odda, Norway in every shot of the series since the showrunners didn’t use any filming lots.

Odda was the perfect place to create Edda because it offers beautiful mountains, hiking trails, and fjords. The environment is immediately recognizable as part of the Scandinavian Peninsula, an important element for a show that centers around the Nordic gods. Odda’s expansive landscapes provide a sense of wonder and magic in Ragnarok. It almost feels too surreal to exist. Additionally, Odda’s various landmarks allow the reincarnated gods to have connections with the real Norwegian environment, rather than a stand-in location.

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Sjukehusvegen 24

Magne lounges in his home.

According to LatLong.net, Sjukehusvegen 24 is the filming location for both the interiors and exteriors of Magne’s home in Ragnarok. This location can be seen in every episode of the Netflix show. The exterior of the home uses Scandinavian architecture. Its interior has a simple layout that’s easy to keep track of. Sjukehusvegen 24’s small size helps give a quaint feeling to Edda. It also forces the family members to interact more since there isn’t as much space. There is little to no privacy, meaning everyone knows each other’s business, making for more interesting family relationships.

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Boliden Odda

Magne looks at the waste sight in Julul Industries.

According to Distractify, all the scenes involving Jutul Industries A/S in Ragnarok were filmed in Boliden Odda, the zinc smelter that caused a real environmental crisis in Odda, Norway. The Boliden website shares that the metal smelter discharged industrial waste into Søfjorden, creating severe water pollution for the town. This turned the fjord into one of the most contaminated water ecosystems in the world. In order to prevent discharging more waste into the fjord, Boliden Odda built caverns to store the waste, a more environmentally friendly choice.

Boliden Odda’s factory can be seen throughout all three seasons of Ragnarok since Jutul Industries A/S causes Edda’s toxic drinking water. The show clearly took inspiration from the real events in Odda, focusing on water pollution in the plot. The imagery of the caverns and factory contrast with the general environment of Odda, creating an interesting dichotomy in the town of Edda. Additionally, Jutul Industries’ old factory is the location of the Eternal Fire from the Old World, making it important to the mythological elements of the story as well.

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This scenic shot shows the fjord in Edda.

Multiple scenes in Ragnarok were filmed next to Sørfjorden, a branch off the larger Hardangerfjord. The vast waters provide a background for multiple pensive moments by characters. Additionally, it provides a contrast to the horrific and disturbing behaviors of the Nordic gods. Watching Vidar bite into a deer’s heart while standing in front of the beautiful fjord and mountains somehow makes the actions seem more inhuman. Lastly, the fjord functions as a plot device for the show, playing a central role in the Jutul Industries A/S crisis. Ultimately, Odda and the Sørfjorden help build the modern-day mythological setting for Ragnarok.

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