Which Social Stats To Prioritize First

There are several confidants in Persona 5 Royal and all have varying requirements to unlock them. Some of these include having a certain level of a specific social stat, but with limited time and a lot to do, it’s important to know which social stats take priority.

First and foremost, it’s important to consider what each stat does for the player. Not only that, but it’s important to know which confidants in Persona 5 Royal that Joker is more eager to max out as this will also dictate which social skills he needs to focus on first.

What Are The Different Social Stats

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There are five different social stats in Persona 5 Royal. They are Guts, Kindness, Charm, Knowledge, and Proficiency. Each one is going to allow different things, for example, a higher Charm will make it a little easier to Romance in Persona 5 Royal with certain confidants that are locked behind that social stat.

So despite that there are options that may be a little better to focus on early, there isn’t necessarily a bad option as each social stat will provide benefits in its own way.

Which Social Stat Should Be Prioritized First

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There are several confidants in Persona 5 Royal that will require specific levels in specific skills. Unfortunately, there are several that need different ones and need them at fairly high stats. Luckily, it is a little easier to narrow down the options given that two are easier to accrue in a more passive way.

Both Knowledge and Proficiency will build up easier than the others through things like school and crafting which are more of a given. The other three stats will require a little more work, but with it narrowed down to three it becomes easier to focus on one or even spread out the leveling as evenly as possible.

Despite that each skill is essential, it’s recommended that Guts be leveled up first as the confidants that require it offer more valuable benefits than the confidants that require the other skills to be leveled up. Keep in mind that books are a great way to increase any of the social stats as well as games and movies.

Aside from Guts, it’s also recommended that Kindness be prioritized. Once these reach a good base level, then it’s recommended to start trying to even it out at that point. Working on the levels in this way should ensure a well-rounded play-through that doesn’t feel limiting and doesn’t feel as if precious time was wasted during Persona 5 Royal’s constantly ticking clock.

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