Who Is Joan In Run Rabbit Run? Why Mia Asks For Her

WARNING! This article contains SPOILERS for Run Rabbit Run!Mia frequently asks for Joan throughout Run Rabbit Run, who has a complicated relationship with Sarah in the 2023 Netflix movie. The cast of Run Rabbit Run is led by Succession’s Sarah Snook, who stars in the psychological thriller as Sarah, a fertility doctor and mother to her 7-year-old daughter Mia. When Mia begins acting strangely after her seventh birthday, dark secrets and familial resentments from Sarah’s past are revived in a series of horrifying twists.

Throughout Run Rabbit Run, Mia continues to ask Sarah about Joan, mentioning that she wants to see her despite the fact that the 7-year-old has never even met her. Joan only appears a few times before Run Rabbit Run’s ending, but it’s clear that Sarah has a very distant relationship with her that is only exacerbated by Mia’s sudden changes. Additionally, when Sarah and Mia finally visit Joan, it becomes apparent that she may understand what is truly happening with Mia and her new connection to Sarah’s long-deceased sister Alice.

Joan Is Sarah’s Mother & Mia’s Grandmother In Run Rabbit Run

Joan looks dazed in Run Rabbit Run

Joan is Sarah’s mother in Run Rabbit Run, though the two characters are implied to have had a falling out after the disappearance of Sarah’s younger sister Alice back in 1996. Sarah explains that she and her father moved into the city after Alice went “missing,” and her mother Joan stayed at their house in case Alice ever returned. However, Run Rabbit Run’s ending reveals that Sarah killed Alice when they were kids by pushing her over a cliff, then lied to her parents about Alice running away. Still, when Sarah tells Joan that Alice is dead, her mother disagrees.

Sarah’s backstory in Netflix’s psychological thriller movie suggests that Joan and Alice were close when the latter was still alive, which is why Mia continues to ask for Joan in Run Rabbit Run. It’s implied that Mia is possessed by Alice throughout Run Rabbit Run, explaining why she insists her name is Alice, that Sarah is not her real mother, and that pictures of Alice are actually her. As such, Mia/Alice becomes infuriated when they visit Joan and Sarah makes her leave, likely because Alice wanted Joan to take her from Sarah.

Does Joan Know That Mia Is Actually Alice In Run Rabbit Run?

Alice and Mia walk hand in hand toward a cliff edge.

When Sarah goes to visit Joan toward the end of Run Rabbit Run, the latter character exhibits strange behavior that suggests she understands the supernatural connection between Alice and Mia. After Sarah assures her that they found Alice and she’s dead, Joan denies this “news” by stating that she doesn’t think her daughter is actually gone. This hints that Joan may have always sensed Alice’s spirit around their home, which is why she never wanted to sell the place. It seems to have been Joan finally seeing Mia that confirmed her suspicions, as she referred to Mia as “Alice” upon meeting her in Run Rabbit Run.