“You Are Giving Weapons to Children:” Star Trek Calls Out the Bajoran Prophets’ as Evil


  • The Bajoran Prophets are being called out by T’Lir for using less advanced species for their own ends during the God War in Star Trek #10.
  • T’Lir confronts the Prophets about their destructive power and accuses them of being “arms manufacturers” in the Prophets’ realm.
  • T’Lir’s criticism of the Prophets is fueled by their privileged position outside of space and time, as they know the full scope of the Orb of Destruction’s power.

Warning: contains spoilers for Star Trek #10!

The inhabitants of the Bajoran wormhole, known as the Prophets, have played a major role in Star Trek since their introduction in Star Trek: Deep Space 9, and now in IDW’s Star Trek #10 they are being called out by the Vulcan T’Lir for their actions during the ongoing God War encompassing the galaxy.

Accusing the Bajoran Prophets of “giving weapons to children,” T’Lir takes the nonlinear beings to task for using less advanced species for their own ends. Star Trek #10 – written by Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly, drawn by Mike Feehan, inked by Manuel Bracchi, colored by Lee Loughridge and lettered by Clayton Cowles – explores the Prophets’ realm, while forces of good and evil race to obtain the Bajoran Orb of Destruction.

The Bajoran Prophets Are Powerful – And Mysterious

T'Lir panels from Star Trek #10

Star Trek #10 opens with T’Lir in the realm of the Bajoran Prophets, accusing the Prophets of being “arms manufacturers.” The Prophets retort, speaking in riddles about the Orb’s role. T’Lir tells the Prophets their “vantage point beyond history” allows them to see the Orb’s full destructive power, and they cannot “plead ignorance.” Before sending them back to the mortal plane, the Prophets tell T’Lir the Orb is not for “children,” but instead given to “him,” presumably their Emissary Sisko. T’Lir’s time with the Prophets was brief, but it was enough for them to point out the contradictions in the Prophets’ actions.

T’LIir is Not Here for the Prophets’ Games

T'Lir the Vulcan, more panels from Star Trek #10

The Prophets, non-corporeal beings who exist outside of time, live in the Bajoran Wormhole, and are venerated as deities by the Bajorans. When Benjamin Sisko arrived to take command of Deep Space Nine, then in orbit of Bajor, the Prophets christened him their “Emissary.” Over Deep Space Nine’s seven seasons, Sisko wrestled with this position, and with the mysterious, often coy, Prophets. The show ended with the Prophets taking Sisko to the Celestial Temple, where he resided for three years. When the God War broke out, the Prophets sent Sisko back to our reality. Once again, Sisko finds himself at odds with the Prophets – but he is not the only one.

In Star Trek #10, T’Lir calls the Prophets out for their actions during the war, and unlike Sisko, they do not tolerate the wormhole aliens’ doublespeak and riddles. Instead, T’Lir argues the Prophets’ position outside of space and time affords them a privilege that lesser beings do not have. Thanks to their non-linear nature, the Prophets know the full scope of the Orb of Destruction’s power, and they maintain it can be used for good. IDW’s Star Trek run has established there is more to T’Lir than meets the eye. T’Lir has demonstrated almost god-like power themselves – adding a potent layer to their criticism of the Bajoran Prophets.

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